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Why LiceDoctors?

  • LiceDoctors makes house calls
  • Over 450,000 clients treated
  • Pricing lower than salons
  • Covered by FSA/HSAs
  • Medical doctor on staff
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Chemical-free protocols
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Available 365 days and nights
  • Totally confidential

Are you a Sammamish and Issaquah area resident dealing with a lice problem?

Simply call or schedule an appointment with LiceDoctors and we will dispatch an expert lice technician to your home. Our Sammamish and Issaquah lice treatment service uses an all natural treatment that will leave you lice-free.

We are the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the area; we have treated hundreds of thousands of clients over 20 years. LiceDoctors operates under the guidance of a board-certified, on-staff medical doctor and we back our service with a full guarantee! Let's get an expert lice technician to your house today to treat you in absolute privacy.

Why Choose Us in Sammamish and Issaquah?

LiceDoctors technicians in Sammamish and Issaquah come directly to your home to help you get rid of lice in comfort and privacy. Your technician is an expert in safe, gentle, effective lice eradication, and is also there to provide reassurance and support throughout the treatment, so you can relax and be confident your problem will soon be gone!

LiceDoctors is the most experienced lice treatment service with over 500,000 lice cases successfully eradicated. Clients love the stress-free nature of our treatment; one phone call and your technician comes to you in Sammamish and Issaquah whenever is most convenient for your family. Doesn’t that sound better than battling traffic, keeping your kids in line for hours, and worrying about airborne germs at a salon?

We know it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with lice at home, without professional help.  There seem to be hundreds of over-the-counter treatments, old wives’ remedies, and myths about lice to sort through before you can even get started -- and then there’s no guarantee the method you choose will even work!  That’s why LiceDoctors has a medical doctor on staff, guiding and advising us on the safest, most effective ways to eliminate lice.  We bring that knowledge to you directly and discreetly so that you no longer need to worry.

We also know how expensive it can be to deal with lice, which is why we offer the best pricing around.  We charge by the hour, not the family member, which means our average price is usually a lot less than that of services that charge by the head.  We offer a 30-day guarantee:  if you aren’t satisfied that your lice are completely gone within that time, we will treat you again, totally free of charge.  Our Sammamish and Issaquah services are covered under many HSA or FSA plans, as well, which means you can save more by using pre-tax dollars.

If you're having trouble with lice, please call us in Sammamish and Issaquah at 206-316-8637. We're here to make everything easier.

Pricing in Sammamish and Issaquah 

LiceDoctors provides maximum privacy with house calls! 

  • $199 for the first hour of service includes 50 miles travel each way for your Sammamish or Issaquah technician.
  • $99 for each hour thereafter, broken out and charged in 15 minute segments.
  • Average price for a family of four is between $300 and $400.
  • Price may be lower or higher depending on how severe the infestations are, how many family members need treatment, and how    long and thick the hair is.
  • Lice clinics that charge by the head charge up to $800 for 4 people.
  • Save even more by using a qualified HSA or FSA account.

Sammamish and Issaquah FAQs

How can I keep from getting lice in the first place?
We recommend people in Sammamish and Issaquah keep long hair tied back, use a light layer of hair products such as gel or hairspray, and avoid sharing headgear, brushes, and combs. LiceDoctors offers a lice repellent that has the added benefit of a peppermint scent which repels lice.
My stylist said I have lice, but my scalp doesn’t itch. Is she right?
Salons in Sammamish and Issaquah see quite a bit of lice, so your stylist is likely correct. Some people don’t react to lice bites by itching, and so may not know they even have lice. This is why we recommend calling a professional lice-removal service to check and advise you.
Do I have to buy LiceDoctors products for aftercare?
We do recommend that you buy a Terminator lice comb which is good to have around for lice checks. You do not have to buy it from us but we provide the ease of having the comb right here. We also offer the lice repellent but technicians in Sammamish and Issaquah are not salespeople so they will not pressure you.

Over 400,000 Happy Customers
Discreet In Home Service
All Natural Treatment

Client Testimonials

  • “I totally recommend this company. We tried to get the lice out on our own, but couldn’t get it done, We called LiceDoctors and it was done in no time.” Tasneem S. in Issaquah, Washington

  • “Once the summer was over I assumed that my kids’ problem with head lice would subside. I figured I’d be able to finally get the situation resolved. How wrong I was. My attempts to use shampoos and other products I bought in the pharmacy were not working. I saw some information about LiceDoctors on the Internet. I figured it was worth a try, so I called and set up an appointment in my home. The technician who came kept everyone well informed about what she was doing and calmly and competently treated all of us. I regret not turning to LiceDoctors sooner.” Amanda G. in Sammamish, WA.

  • “Thanks, LiceDoctors. This is a really top notch company with experience and know-how. It’s crazy to try to tackle head lice on your own unless you’re trained and extremely patient.” Glenn H. in Kingsgate, WA.

Lice Tips

Can You Comb Out Head Lice and Nits?

sammamish lice or regular comb out nits bugs
Having a high quality lice comb, good lighting, a lot of patience, and plenty of practice combine for a good start to eradicating head lice. When in doubt, call in LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service and your technician will clear you of this problem.

School Policy

Lake Washington and Issaquah Schools Lice Policy

sammamish issaquah lake washington school head lice nit policy
The Lake Washington School District (Sammamish) states that children may remain in school with lice but should go home at the end of the day to be treated. Issaquah schools say that children may stay in school and then go home to be treated.

The Lice Treatment Process

Step By Step Process Explained

Getting rid of head lice does not have to be a stressful experience. Let LiceDoctors take the burden off of you with our chemical-free, safe, effective, and fully guaranteed lice treatment service. We have successfully treated thousands of families and we can help you today!


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