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Why LiceDoctors?

  • LiceDoctors makes house calls
  • Over 450,000 clients treated
  • Pricing lower than salons
  • Covered by FSA/HSAs
  • Medical doctor on staff
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Chemical-free protocols
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Available 365 days and nights
  • Totally confidential

Are you a Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller area resident dealing with a lice problem?

Simply call or schedule an appointment with LiceDoctors and we will dispatch an expert lice technician to your home. Our Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller lice treatment service uses an all natural treatment that will leave you lice-free.

We are the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the area; we have treated hundreds of thousands of clients over 20 years. LiceDoctors operates under the guidance of a board-certified, on-staff medical doctor and we back our service with a full guarantee! Let's get an expert lice technician to your house today to treat you in absolute privacy.

Why choose us in Grapevine, Southlake, or Keller?

Who do you turn to when your family has lice? Some parents treat lice like a medical emergency, and head to the nearest urgent care center. Yet, many healthcare professionals are not head lice doctors or experts. They are busy treating very sick or injured people, and probably do not have enough time to do a thorough head check on each family member, which requires combing through all the hair on the head to rule out a very early case. Then, they have to make the tough call of whether to offer a prescription treatment or recommend an over-the-counter treatment. Even with their failure rate being so high due to chemical resistance in lice, OTC treatments are often recommended to try first since they’re inexpensive and readily accessible. Even when a chemical treatment is successful, nit removal and aftercare is required to keep the lice from returning, and busy healthcare workers haven’t the time to properly train parents how to do this. 

All of this means that parents are still ultimately responsible for figuring out a lot of what needs to be done to keep their families lice-free, even after going to a clinic. Plus, if the lice come back after treatment, prescription pesticides, which are very expensive, generally do not come with any guarantee and may have side effects.

With LiceDoctors, we will handle the lice and nits for you and provide you with a clear, simple aftercare plan to follow, so there’s no more researching remedies or wondering whether or not the lice really are gone. We have a staggeringly high success rate over 99%, which if you’ve researched other lice strategies, you know is the highest in the industry. We’ve successfully treated over half a million cases of lice with our reliable methods. When your Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller lice professional treats your family, you can rest easy knowing your lice worries are over with our 30-day guarantee.

Pricing in Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller

Our hourly rates cover treatment/checks for everyone in the household and are as follows: 

  • $199 for the first hour and travel fee up to 50 miles out.
  • $99 each additional hour, charged in blocks of 15 minutes. 
  • It takes an average of an hour to treat a female with lice (less time for males), depending on the hair length/thickness and severity of lice infestation.
  • LiceDoctors prices are among the lowest in the area.
  • Treatment is covered by most HSAs and FSAs and we can provide you with a receipt and diagnosis code to submit to your insurance carrier.

Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller FAQs

In the vast majority of Grapevine area cases, if a child has lice, Mom will have it as well. If one person in the family has head lice, the whole family should be screened as lice are so contagious; otherwise the family will likely continue to pass around the case.
The best lice treatment is any treatment that gets rid of the live bugs and nits and ensures that they don't return. It is also one that is fully safe with no side effects. Because of your fast-paced modern life, convenience and privacy should be factored in as well. Your local Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller lice professional can come to your home during the time frame that you request to fit seamlessly into your schedule. 
All types of lice treatment involve some aftercare, since at any given time, some of the nits may be microscopic and, therefore, cannot be seen and removed, or there may be bugs that are hiding on the heads. Our Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller aftercare plan is the easiest method that works. Instead of massive amounts of laundry, cleaning, bagging, or pesticides, we recommend a simple method of protecting the heads. Don’t worry, we will walk you through the simple steps to take at no extra charge!

Customer Reviews for Lice Removal Service in Grapevine, Southlake, and Keller

Over 400,000 Happy Customers
Discreet In Home Service
All Natural Treatment

Client Testimonials

  • “My wife is on top of everything that goes on in the house. I was surprised when she could not get a handle on the head lice problem. When she said we needed professional help, I went online and found LiceDoctors. They explained to us that if you leave microscopic nits behind, you’ll keep getting the case back. This is what happened to us and why am so glad we finally brought in the pros. Big thanks to LiceDoctors.” Eric P. in Keller, Texas

  • “We are so grateful for the excellent treatment that we received from the Lice Doctors. Our technician, Linda, was calm and knowledgeable (and we were not!). She worked continuously and was very neat in our home. We love the convenience and if we ever get lice again, I would not hesitate to call Lice Doctors.” Clara S. in Southlake, TX

  • “When my kids got head lice, I called my sister who’s a pediatrician. She told me to call LiceDoctors right away. I followed her advice and I’m glad I did. They saved me from a big headache!” Gail D. in Grapevine, TX

Lice Tips

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Head Lice Treatment

pile of red and white triangles with words YES and NO printed on them
You have probably read a lot of conflicting information about head lice. Below, we summarize some of the do’s and do not’s of head lice treatment based on 20 years experience in the field. Some of these may surprise you.

School Policy

Grapevine, Southlake and Keller School Lice Policies

laughing people working at a table with laptops
School districts in Texas vary widely in their responses to head lice, and Grapevine, Southlake and Keller are no exception. Always check with your child‘s school health services, but here we provide you with helpful links to access your school policy pages. Grapevine Colleyville ISD Grapevine schools do not adhere to a strict “no nit” policy, parents are encouraged to work closely with their school’s nurse to monitor the effectiveness of their treatment plan.

The Lice Treatment Process

Step By Step Process Explained

Getting rid of head lice does not have to be a stressful experience. Let LiceDoctors take the burden off of you with our chemical-free, safe, effective, and fully guaranteed lice treatment service. We have successfully treated thousands of families and we can help you today!


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