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LiceDoctors would like to share just a few of our lice removal success stories from our long history of satisfied clients:

First time I have dealt with head lice. I had never heard of this business, and was referred by a friend of the owner. I heard Julie was highly recommended, and they scheduled promptly and were very flexible. I called on Tuesday evening and scheduled for Wednesday morning at 7am. We were an hour away from the closest technician, but she made it to our home right on time, set up quickly, and was very pleasant to work with!! She was very informative, and I would highly recommend LiceDoctors!

Ashlynne Bayne
Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm so grateful for this company! I called them on a Friday morning in a panic, and a technician arrived a few hours later (amid the threat of a winter weather event, too). She treated everyone in the family and found things that I had missed on the kids. I could barely see the stuff she was easily able to spot. I also love that they used olive oil, because I'm 8 months pregnant and don't need a bunch of chemicals around me. In addition, it was invaluable to have someone trained and educated in this matter checking my (long, thick) hair. I would never have been able to do it myself, but I was grateful to find out that I had dodged the "lice bullet". She also educated us on how to deal with it, and I am super grateful to know that the old "wash and bag EVERYTHING" concept is no more. I would have been working my booty off for days, for no good reason. I highly recommend them!!

Caroline C.
Atlanta, Georgia

We had a great experience with LiceDoctors. Our technician was very experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services.

Melodie Rubin
Honolulu, Hawaii

LiceDoctors is an all natural lice cure, that provides excellent customer service! The technician was very informative as well as instructive! I will definitively suggest LiceDoctors to everyone I know in the future!!!

S.B. Kennedy
Worcester, MA

The day finally came that I had dreaded... Lice! We discovered our unwanted guests late on a Saturday night and immediately fell into panic. I was so relieved to see that a 7:30 am call the next day had Sean at our door not too much later. He took great care of us and made sure to educate me along the way, too. Thanks so much! I will be able to sleep well tonight! Do not hesitate to call LiceDoctors. You won't regret it!

Jenni Bradley
Tampa, Florida

I am almost in tears because I am so relieved. Victoria has been a God-send. She was SO thorough and comforting and I was a mess!! I feel like I can live in my own skin again!

Catherine S
Northville, Michigan

Rona is an angel! I was absolutely freaking out after my son got it for the second time from school- and turns out I had them as well. After several ineffective chemical treatments it made so much more sense to call and I'm so so glad I did. We will readily recommend LiceDoctors over and over and over. I even called his school and said they should use them.

Jenny Marie
San Diego, California

I highly recommend calling LiceDoctors on day 1 when you notice lice or eggs. I waited 26 days. Tried numerous over the counter medications and nothing fully worked. I wasted 4-6 hrs a day doing hair and endless laundry. Don't torture yourself. Let Crista and LiceDoctors fix it.

Lorraine Lutz
Denver, Colorado

LiceDoctors is fantastic! After 2 months of fighting lice in our house (repeatedly washing sheets, stuffed animals, over-the-counter treatments), I finally researched professional help. The woman that came to help us was amazing! She was there within 24 hours - came right to our house, and treated both of my girls. More importantly, she educated us. She taught us how to continue the treatment to ensure the bugs don't come back, and let us know that the constant washing of our bedding wasn't doing anything. We followed her directions and have not had any problems since! We still spot check our girls (they both have really long hair), and have stopped shampooing so much (lice can't stick as easily to greasy hair!). Life has been so much better - and I am no longer scared of the word "lice"!

Jenna Mercerhill
Cleveland, Ohio

I would just like to let everyone out there that LiceDoctors is the best! Debbie, the woman who treated my daughter was nothing short of a gift from God. She spent as much time as necessary to remove everything from her head. She is a warm, caring, and most importantly, a sensitive and compassionate person at a time when it is really needed. I would highly recommend LiceDoctors if you find yourself in this buggy situation!

Julie S.
Phoenix, Arizona

I literally didn’t know what to do. I had missed a week of work and still I was finding nits in my kids’ hair. LiceDoctors came immediately and was very reassuring. Best of all: my kids got back into school the next day.

Nancy T.
Austin, Texas

I absolutely love Licedocotors. My technician Mary came out to my apartment in Racine and she was super friendly and treatment was 100 percent effective!

Brittany Schlepp
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I’m a pediatrician and I know from 20 years of seeing patients that the chemical shampoos do not work. I did not have the time, patience, or a good treatment plan to do it myself so when my daughters got lice, I called LiceDoctors. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Jill B.
Denver, CO

Thank you so much to the entire LiceDoctor's team, especially our technician Sara. Your service was fast, reliable, and professional and Sara provided our family with such wonderful care. I would recommend LiceDoctors to everyone, and would not hesitate to call them again for our own family's needs. Thank you, again.

Erin B.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Lice Treatment Service Information
  • Your expert lice technician will apply oil and methodically comb lice and eggs from the hair using professional grade comb.
  • She will then handpick any remaining nits (eggs) from the hair doing a thorough strand by strand check.
  • She will finish up with a final oil application and comb-through.   Expertise is the key; if you leave two nits in the hair, untreated, the case will start again. 
  • She will go over basic after care instructions with you.
  • Your treatment is fully effective and safe for all ages and is backed with a 30 day guarantee