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Dr. Stephen Beck

It is the goal of LiceDoctors In-Home Treatment Service to ensure that all technicians and families remain safe and healthy.

LiceDoctors only provides in-home lice treatment, the safest option during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

We send only one person at a time to your home.


Below are the precautions that we are taking during COVID-19 :

  • Our technicians are trained and will use best practices for the prevention of spread of germs (including Coronavirus).
  • We send only one person at a time to your home. This greatly reduces the risk of infection as compared to a crowded lice clinic. Avoid crowded spaces.
  • We make sure that technicians and clients have no symptoms before we send anybody to your home.
  • There is no other person you will be around except your family and one technician.
  • In your home, windows can be opened for ventilation or your family can be checked and treated outside or in a screened-in patio, weather permitting.
  • The best precaution to take is to limit contact with others.

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