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LiceDoctors is Nevada’s leading lice and nit removal service and we offer treatment service in your own home to maximize your privacy and convenience. You can be confident in your treatment as we have earned an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and our experienced lice professionals have successfully treated over 450,000 children and adults! Your technician will work swiftly and efficiently on all members of the family, and simultaneously answer all your questions about lice and how to prevent further infestation. While we appreciate your business, we know you hope to never see us again!

Call us in Nevada day or night.  We will be at your home (in an unmarked car) whenever you need us!

nevada lice treatment and removal

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Client Testimonials

  • "LiceDoctors came through for us in a big way. My poor little daughter went through hell as I pulled and tugged at her hair trying to get all of the lice out. I finally threw in the towel and called LiceDoctors. That was my first good move in the war against lice. The lice professional who arrived at our home really knew her stuff. She was like Mary Poppins of the lice world! She calmed my daughter and got out all of the lice and eggs in a pain-free way. We are big fans of LiceDoctors!" - Brianna K. in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • "All I can say is that I made a huge mistake by spending hundreds of dollars on chemical lice treatments and none of that stuff worked.  I guess I'm not the sharpest tool because it took me 3 months of using this stuff before I realized that they just DON"T work!  I went on line and found LiceDoctors. What a difference. Kaylee was amazing. She came to us that evening and knew exactly what to do using NO CHEMICALS. What a relief! Now I am a HUGE fan of LiceDoctors!" Kenya T. in Reno, Nevada.

  • "When the school nurse called with the news that all 3 of my children had lice, I felt completely overwhelmed. Fortunately, I was having lunch with a friend who told me not to worry...she had used LiceDoctors and that they were terrific. I called immediately and the technician was at my home 10 minutes after I arrived with my children. Fatima was wonderful, supportive, and solved the more lice! LiceDoctors saved me hours of aggravation and frustration. I heartily recommend this service." - Joan D. in Summerlin, Nevada.

  • "My brother is a physician so when my boys started scratching, I called him. Without hesitation he advised me to call LiceDoctors. He told me not to waste time and money on the chemical products as they often do not perform. Well, I am glad I listened to him. Your tech was terrific and got out the lice all the while educating us on how to help prevent a future infestation. Best of all the treatment works! Thank you!" - Mindy D. in Enterprise, Nevada.


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