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LiceDoctors will quell your fears and put your mind at ease as soon as we walk through your door of your home.  Your experienced technician gets to work quickly and efficiently using a safe and natural treatment that is guaranteed to eliminate your case of head lice. LiceDoctors is Minnesota’s only lice removal service with a board-certified physician, Dr. Stephen Beck, on staff to guide us.

As a sign of our confidence in the efficacy of your treatment, we offer clients a full guarantee that it works. We’ve earned an “A+” rating with Better Business Bureau thanks to our strong, ongoing performance history. We are proud that we have successfully eliminated lice in over 450,000 parents, children, doctors, teachers, school nurses and many others.  We come to you at your convenience day or night any day of the week.

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Client Testimonials

  • "Thanks LiceDoctors! Your tech did a super job of eliminating the lice. I was very impressed with how polished and professional she was. Also impressed that the lice have gone away! Thanks again." - Morgan B. in Anoka, Minnesota.

  • "When a note arrived home in my daughter's backpack that there was an outbreak in the grade, l swung into action. I bought the Nix and followed the directions but that led us nowhere. After combing her lovely blonde hair ad nauseum, I accepted the reality that we needed to do more. I found out about LiceDoctors and their chemical-free protocol and decided to try them. I am so glad we took this route. She is done with the lice and I keep her hair braided to keep it that way!" - Taylor G. in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

  • "We tried a number of treatment options that failed before we learned about LiceDoctors from friends. Thank goodness we found them because I had literally run out of things to kill those creepy bugs. LiceDoctors was terrific and they knew exactly what to do. After our tech left we did some at-home follow-up and that was it. We are all free of lice...haven't seen any lice or eggs in weeks!" - Carrie M. in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

  • "My husband, three kids, and I had tried a variety of pharmaceutical products for month. They would seem to work for a week or so and then the lice will be back. It was extremely frustrating and it took me a while to finally learn that these products are just not efficacious anymore. I finally called our pediatrician and she referred us to LiceDoctors. Your technician came to us that day and worked magic. She accomplished what we could not money we ever spent!." - Randi N. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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