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If you have head lice, you are not alone and there is no need to despair. LiceDoctors will provide the expertise and support to eradicate the lice and get back to your life! With lice and nit removal, experience leads to expertise. LiceDoctors has treated over 450,000 children and adults over the past several years.  In fact, we are the most experienced lice treatment service in Massachusetts. In addition, LiceDoctors is the only lice treatment service in Massachusetts with a physician on staff.

Our average price is about $300 for a family of 3 or 4. We only need to come one time and our technicians are efficient and thorough and treat you right in the comfort of your home. Treatment is covered by most FSAs and HSAs. We will help you today!

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Over 400,000 Happy Customers
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Client Testimonials

  • It had just started to snow when I discovered lice in my daughter's head. I was panicky but there was no way I was leaving my home. I went online to try my luck with a lice treatment service. Well, I hit the jackpot with LiceDoctors! Karen arrived at my home an hour after my call. She was so nice and had a way about her that got me to relax as soon as she arrived. More important, she answered every question I had and got all of the lice and eggs our of my daughter's hair.  She gave me tips on what helps to prevent a recurrence and what is a waste of time.  The overall experience was positive and I give LiceDoctors and Karen an A plus (I'm a teacher!)."  Ann L. in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

  • "Noreen is a godsend! My family was infested and she showed up to my house in less then two hours-she was efficient, kind and professional. Thanks for your help to fix this problem." Karen L. in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • LiceDoctors Knows their Stuff "Never feel like calling a place like this however glad a place like this exists. A serious case of lice occurred in my kids daycare and my kids fell victim to it. Looked this place up online and they are national and even the day before Thanksgiving they were ready to go and sent a person out within 1 hour of calling. The nice woman came out and treated and combed every one of us out and let us know how to proceed and even educated us on lice and how to treat the house etc. Within 2 hours we were finished and had a less apprehensive feeling about the nasty epidemic and how to handle it going forward. These guys know their stuff and even proved some theories wrong the Pediatrician recommended. Bottom line, schools and day cares do not know lice and these guys have been doing this for over 20 years and know it upside down! This was worth every penny!" Matt L. in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • OTC Products Fail to Get Rid of the Lice "My middle child, age 10, was recently sent home from school with head lice. I was a wreck and didn't know what to do. I called my pediatrician who just said to buy some over-the-counter product. I bought Rid. Two weeks later she was sent home again. This time I bought Nix. I had no idea what to look for. It was a month and nothing got the job done. I called LiceDoctors and Noreen "came to the rescue!." She calmed us all down; treated the whole family and guaranteed we would be lice free. We are and have been. Money well spent. I wish I had a professional come out at the beginning." Helen D. In Salem, Massachusetts.


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