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Your experienced technician will arrive at your home with her equipment and will set up. You will feel better the minute she steps into your home; she understands how stressful (and uncomfortable) the situation is and we promise that she will take the burden off of you.

​Treatment Process

The technician uses a chemical-free, safe, and effective protocol which includes applying oil and combing thoroughly using a professional comb, doing a dry check and manually extracting nits (lice eggs), and finishing up with another oil treatment and comb-through

  1. LiceDoctors treatment has proven effective on over 350,000 clients, is safe for people of all ages, and carries no risk of side-effects.

  2. Our technicians are lice experts and they know how to find and identify lice that scoot through the hair and nits that camouflage in the hair. They have the proper supplies to ensure that the job is done right.

  3. In 99.5% of cases, children can return to school or camp the next day.

  4. Your technician will educate you as she works and will answer any questions that you have about head lice. She will explain what you need to do and don’t need to do with the house (tip: it’s all about the head, not the house).

  5. We leave you with a safe, easy-to-follow treatment plan that will ensure that the case is fully eradicated.

  6. Your technician will also advise you on how to prevent future infestations

  7. With an exceptionally severe case a follow-up visit at a reduced price may be suggested, but in almost every case one visit is sufficient.

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Lice Treatment Service Information
  • Your expert lice technician will apply oil and methodically comb lice and eggs from the hair using professional grade comb.
  • She will then handpick any remaining nits (eggs) from the hair doing a thorough strand by strand check.
  • She will finish up with a final oil application and comb-through.   Expertise is the key; if you leave two nits in the hair, untreated, the case will start again. 
  • She will go over basic after care instructions with you.
  • Your treatment is fully effective and safe for all ages and is backed with a 30 day guarantee