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Senior and Nursing Home Lice Screenings

If you have a head lice outbreak at your senior facility, then you know how difficult it is to contain. Of course, you want to stop it before it gets worse. Perhaps, you just want to make sure that no one has lice so you can feel confident that you won’t have to deal with an outbreak. Either way, LiceDoctors is just the professional lice treatment service to do that for you. Experienced technicians will come to you and will check everyone who needs to be checked. If anyone has lice, we will treat those people safely and effectively. Let us handle this delicate chore and we will get it done right!

Nursing homes lice doctors
Lice doctors for senior homes

Nursing Home And Lice: Is It A Common Issue?

Nursing home head lice is fairly common and can be a real problem to treat. It’s like playing whack-a-mole; you think you have successfully eradicated it and then it shows up again on the same person or another person. 

Head lice are transmitted via person to person contact. If an infested person sits right next to another person or gives someone a hug, then the second person can easily pick up a case. Head lice are VERY contagious. Not only are other residents at risk but so are staff members. 

Head lice move very quickly from one head to another by crawling and latching onto a person’s hair and using it as a ladder to reach the scalp where they will reside, happily feeding from the blood in the head. Once ensconced there, the bug will lay many eggs thereby increasing the risk of contagion.

LiceDoctors has worked with senior and nursing homes across the country to identify lice and treat active cases to ensure that the lice are totally gone from your facility. We leave you with a simple follow up plan that eliminates the need to disinfect the whole facility and that keeps the lice from coming back. Call us today for the safest, most experienced, and most effective lice removal service available.

Our Head Lice Screening Process

Call LiceDoctors

We are the experts and we will dispatch knowledgeable and compassionate technicians to your senior facility or nursing home when you want us. We realize that time is of the essence with head lice, so we are available by phone from early morning to late at night and lice technicians are standing by to take the burden off of you at a time that you designate. 

We can also set up a schedule to come to your senior home or assisted living facility on a regular basis to help prevent the spread of lice. Some places prefer to keep lice at bay by having preventative checks.

Whether you already have an outbreak or you want to prevent one, call LiceDoctors day or night at 800-224-2537 and we will listen to your needs and help you keep your residents and staff lice-free.

Call In The Lice Experts
Senior and nursing homes lice check
We will check out your resident’s or staff member’s head

Your lice technicians will make a visit to your place and she will have the proper equipment and know-how to check the head(s). Whether you want her to check one person or several people, she will do that with expertise and care. 

Our technicians know how to check the hair thoroughly. They will separate the hair into small sections so that they can identify any camouflaged lice or eggs (nits) that are hiding in the hair. This requires expertise because the nits can be hard to identify and the lice scoot quickly across the head. If the tech finds any lice, she will show them to you as proof and will educate you as to how to identify lice should you need to in the future. She will also leave you with our physician-developed follow-up plan.

Treating staff as well

Occasionally, staff members are the ones to inadvertently introduce lice to your facility. Other times, because staff members come into close contact with residents, they pick up a case from that resident. Either way, it is important that if a case is found, all people who are in close contact with the infested person be checked. This includes staff members. 

As with residents, we will do a methodical step by step process to check staff. No chemicals are used in identification or treatment of an active case. If we find lice on a staff member, you will have the option of using our professional service in treating that person or sending the person home to self-treat.

Lice screening for senior homes

Why choose LiceDoctors for Nursing Home Screenings?

Nobody matches our expertise. We have been treating folks with head lice for over 20 years and we have a nearly perfect track record of eliminating head lice. Let us use our years of experience in the field to take the burden off of you.
LiceDoctors lice treatment service works plain and simple. Over 500,000 clients can attest to that! Head lice have become resistant to chemical lice removal products as a result of the advent of “super lice” (lice that have mutated). Our treatment is detailed and uses no chemicals, so it is safe as well as effective.
Privacy and Convenience
LiceDoctors comes to you which is far more convenient than dragging people to a lice salon. You tell us the time and day (even same day) and a knowledgeable technician will be there. We handle everything from screening through lice treatment. You have other pressing issues to attend to; we got the lice covered.


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Benefits of LiceDoctors in-home head lice treatment service:

  • Experienced-successfully treated over 500,000 clients
  • Safe, guaranteed, and effective
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  • LiceDoctors has a 99.6% success rate
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  • All-natural lice removal service