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With years of experience, LiceDoctors has helped over 450,000 children and adults win their battle against head lice. LiceDoctors is the leading lice and nit removal service in Iowa because our technicians provide effective, thorough, and safe lice treatment to every one of our clients in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Stephen Beck, our medical director, is an outspoken proponent of chemical-free lice treatments. We know that lice don’t take holidays or weekends off so neither do we. LiceDoctors is Better Business Bureau Approved with an “A+” rating. Our prices are among the lowest in Iowa and treatment is covered under most FSAs/HSAs and by some insurance plans.

Same day service – day or night–7 days a week– 20 years experience!

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Client Testimonials

  • "Lice is a four letter word. No one wants to say the word, and if you do everyone is set into a panic. But it’s also part of life that affects everyone, irrespective of economic levels, and so we learned to deal with it when we called LiceDoctors to “save us.” Not only did they eradicate the buggers, but they also educated our family so we could tell others that being affected isn’t the worst thing in the world. Fleas are much more invasive, in fact! Good company and friendly and educated technicians. Taking the word “lice” off my list of four letter words now!" - Megan W. in Ames, Iowa

  • "I’ve been through one round of lice with our youngest daughter and spent hundreds of dollars on useless pharmaceutical treatments before I turned to LiceDoctors. I dreaded the thought of having LiceDoctors come to my home for hours of nit-picking, but knew it had to be done. After a couple hours, we discovered my husband and I had them as well, so it was a phone call that was very worth the time and money. After the technician treated us and left, we followed her all-natural follow-up plan and since that time we’ve all had clean heads. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Susan B. in Des Moines, Iowa 

  • "My doctor husband really didn’t know what to look for so I turned to the internet to find a service that could treat us. I had read about professionals who come to your house and I found the LiceDoctors website and they sent a technician to our home within hours. She treated the two of us and checked the rest of my family. She was so thorough and within a few short hours our entire family was 100% lice free. I highly recommend them and already have to all of our friends." - Lisa G. in South Sioux City, Nebraska

  • "For anyone who has ever had lice in their household, you know how disruptive it can be and how long it takes to get rid of them. LiceDoctors saved our household of four children who were all infested. We were able to get right back to our life and leave behind the angst, worry and disgust we had lived with for days knowing there was an infestation in our house. I would highly recommend LiceDoctors." - Zach D. in Le Mars, Iowa


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