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Eliminating a case of head lice can be challenging if you are not experienced and equipped with the know-how and tools to identify and eradicate both the lice and the eggs. We can help you. LiceDoctors is the leading head lice removal service in Colorado.  We are proud of our heritage and track record of successfully eliminating lice and nits on over 450,000 clients. We are the only lice removal service with a medical doctor on staff and we offer a full guarantee that our treatment works!

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Colorado Lice Treatment and Removal
Over 400,000 Happy Customers
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Client Testimonials

  • "This company is the BEST! Their protocol is chemical free and simple. Most impressively is how well the treatment works. It is a life saver. And we really loved the friendly technician. Worth every penny." - Liz H. in Boulder, Colorado

  • "Unfortunately for us, this is the THIRD time in 3 years we've had to use LiceDoctors, but they have been a life saver! No one ever wants to have lice, but if you do then you MUST call LiceDoctors. The treatment was totally natural, totally works and makes the stress of having lice disappear. The three women that have come to do treatments have been so nice and understanding, and helped to remove the stigma from lice. Thanks Lice Doctors!" - Arielle N. in Lafayette, Colorado

  • "'s Saturday night, my husband's out of town, and I give my 3 kids a bath. Afterwards, I'm combing their hair and on one of their heads, I see a bunch of brown spots on the scalp and think to myself "I JUST gave them all a bath!! What is all of this dirt?!" After a closer look, I see something moving and then it dawns on me. I panic, and then start looking frantically around while examining the rest of their heads and, you guessed it...OMG....LICE! This is my worst nightmare! After a moment of sheer disgust and right before a total meltdown, I google "what to do in denver if you have lice" and the LiceDoctors website comes up. But, it's Saturday night, at 7pm, and I'm sure nobody is going to answer. Sure enough, the delightful Tracy comes on, and totally assuages my fears. 'Coat your head with olive oil and that will suffocate the lice and we will send someone there as soon as we can in the morning (SUNDAY) and pick out all of the dead lice and the eggs'... The next morning at 10:30am, the lovely and talented Elizabeth shows up and proceeds to spend the day picking out dead lice and their lovely eggs from my hair, my kids heads and several close friends. She completely educates me about the truths and myths about lice and how to protect your friends and loved ones from these nasty little critters...  How did you say kids transfer head lice? My husband came home on Monday afternoon and sure enough, after the olive oil test, he was now one of us. I frantically called the Lice Doctors again and sweet Elizabeth came out as soon as she could and "deloused" him before he could recontaminate our home. I have never, ever been more grateful for a company, their staff and their customer service, the fact that they actually answered their phone on a Saturday night before I could have a panic attack, and that EVERYONE I talked to at LiceDoctors was completely professional and totally lovely. I couldn't recommend them more highly and suggest that if you ever find these lovely creatures on you or your loved one's heads, call the LiceDoctors immediately! The technicians were compassionate, quick, and efficient when our family reunion had unexpected visitors. Thanks to the checks and treatments, we were able to get on top of things before it got completely out of hand. Call them right away and get on top of it. Denial will just make it worse." - Catherine G. in Denver, Colorado

  • "Take my word for it, run, don't walk to the phone to call LiceDoctors. I wasted hundreds of dollars on junk that didn't do a thing for my family. I'm so annoyed about that; I feel like I threw that money in the garbage! LiceDoctors are the ultimate professionals. They arrived on time, treated us efficiently, and we have been lice free for two months now. I highly recommend them." Caroline in Colorado Springs, Colorado


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