Lice Tips

Toledo School Lice Policy

In Ohio, it is up to each individual school district to set its school lice policy. The state health department recommends the following:

Colorado School Head Lice Policy

“What is Colorado’s school policy regarding head lice and nit removal?  My friend’s kids got into school with nits in their hair and at my kids’ school, the nurse won’t let them in with any nits even though I have done head lice treatments on them.”  Marie D.

Frequently Asked Questions About Head Lice

LiceDoctors' Dr. Stephen Beck Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Head Lice.

LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service gets calls on a daily basis, asking us a variety of questions about head lice. Here Dr. Stephen Beck, our on-staff medical doctor, addresses commonly asked lice treatment questions by parents.