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Do I Need To Worry About the Batting Helmets that my Child’s Little League Team Shares?

little league player at bat wearing a batting helmet

Updated on July 19, 2020

The short answer is “not really”. While we recommend that each child have his own batting helmet, it is not likely that a louse will leave the head and go onto the helmet.

Head lice are happy to remain on a human head. That is where the temperature is optimal and their food supply is (your blood). They do not want to leave their home on your head and go onto a helmet that offers them nothing. These creatures are savvy; they have been around for eons and eons for a reason.

Every so often, though, a louse will be knocked off the head and land in a helmet. This is rare for the aforementioned reasons. If your child’s team shares a helmet, we recommend that your child look at the helmet before putting it on. If there is a bug there, he will see it! It is also a good idea to wipe the helmet in between uses. Just take a cloth or paper towel and take a few seconds to wipe the helmet.

To be 100% safe, it is best to get your own helmet and to not share it. If that is not possible, sharing is ok as long as you take the minor precaution of wiping off the helmet before putting it on. For more informtion on this topic, check out our Education Center discussion here at  Warm Weather, Baseball Caps and Head Lice Treatment.

Whether your child is on a sports team or not, if you suspect that he or she has lice, reach out to us in the North Richland Hills and Haltom area at 817-886-8290 . An experienced lice technician will make a house call to you and check and treat your family day or night. LiceDoctors has the most experience and the lowest prices in the Fort Worth area!