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Why Lice Chemicals Fail

Why Lice Chemicals Fail
Updated on 
August 7, 2019

So many people, when getting the news of head lice in the family, go to the drug store and purchase lice shampoo. These products often lead to frustration. Below, LiceDoctors technician Sean explains why.

You know you are following the instructions correctly.  “Leave the chemicals in the hair for ten minutest and rinse.”  Yes. “Comb the hair out.” Yes.  “Check for any remaining eggs and remove.”  Yes. “Seeing lice in the hair again in a matter of weeks, if not days.”  Yes. Wait! YES? 

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If this sounds familiar to you, well, you aren’t alone. As a technician for LiceDoctors the first thing I do when I arrive to your home to treat your family is to ask a few questions. One of which is, “Have you tried to treat this yourself?”  More times than not, I hear the same answer: YES.  They noticed it first almost 1 to 2 months ago and used the over the counter option.  It seemed to go away, but they got lice again within a few weeks, if not sooner, so they retreated with a different brand. This time they really went at it but the lice are back again. And then, “We finally decided we needed a pro, so here you are. “

So, what exactly is going on?  Well, the answer is, plain and simple: the chemicals don’t always work.  Over the years, lice have mutated and are growing resistant to them.

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This has been reported numerous times in the news and has even earned them the name “Super Lice”.  And then the other problem is that no matter what the package says, these chemicals simply don’t kill the eggs.  The shell of the egg is very tough and won’t allow the chemicals through, so even if you do kill the hatched lice, you have to get all of the eggs out of the hair. Even a couple left behind without a follow up plan to deal with them will slowly lead to a complete re-infestation. The eggs (nits) can take a couple of days to even become visible.  When first laid, they are microscopic, so it’s virtually impossible to get them all out at one time.  One thing you don’t receive with the chemical option is a comprehensive follow up plan that is tailored to deal with any nits that might be left behind. You will however receive a simple follow-up plan with LiceDoctors that works.

So while the cheapest box of lice shampoo at the local pharmacy might sound appealing at first,

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but when you factor in the days of missed work, school, daycare, and the time and hassle included, coupled with dousing your kids or yourself in chemicals that you know nothing about, a natural and 100% effective approach has always made more sense to me. If that makes sense to you too, call LiceDoctors at 951-381-2240 in the Moreno Valley area to arrange for a highly qualified lice technician to make a house call to your home. Service is available every day and night of the year. And for more information about what the CDC has to say about "super lice" see Super Lice Definitely Not Super Hero.

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Newton School Lice Policies
Updated on 
October 27, 2020

Newton School Lice Policies

Re-entry to school will be allowed once student is inspected by school health personnel and children will be permitted back in school even if they have nits, however the nurse will continue to check. If the case is not eliminated the school reserves the right to send the child home i.e. "A no nit policy may be instituted by the school nurse in the case of a persistent infestation or evidence of lack of compliance to this policy.

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