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Why is At-Home Professional Lice Treatment a Better Option than Salon Lice Treatment?

Why is At-Home Professional Lice Treatment a Better Option than Salon Lice Treatment?
Updated on 
March 11, 2019

You see a bug crawl off your child’s head. Your schedule is busy and who needs this aggravation? What makes more sense? Choice one is you make an appointment and interrupt everyone’s schedule to bring them to a lice clinic OR you call LiceDoctors, go about your business, and wait for them to come to you to treat everyone at home?

In today’s busy world, it is rare to find the level of service that LiceDoctors provides to families. Pick up the phone, call for help, and the rest is on us.  LiceDoctors is a service-oriented company and our goal is to make sure that your lice experience is as positive as can be.

Here are five major reasons why LiceDoctors makes house calls rather than treating clients in a salon setting.


tacoma convenient professional home lice removal treatment

Let’s be honest. Is there a more demanding job than being a parent? Whether you work outside the home or are an at-home parent, there are a million demands on your time. When your child gets says head lice, that can really tip the balance from relative sanity to chaos. That is why your technician makes the treatment as convenient as possible for you by coming right to your home. That is one fewer place to which you have to drive your child(ren).


Your tech comes to you at a time you designate, which may be late at night or early in the morning, on a week day or a Saturday or Sunday or a holiday. We don’t operate on store/salon hours because neither do head lice. You need us, we come. Also, when child one is finished, he or she can carry on with activities rather than waiting at a salon for Mom or child 2 to be checked and or treated.


tacoma professional private mobile confidential home lice removal treatment

Thankfully, as so many kids today get head lice, the stigma has lessened. Nonetheless, many people want to keep their lice news to themselves. House calls (all our cars are unmarked) allow you to decide whom you want to tell and when. In other words, it eliminates the risk of bumping into your nosy neighbor as you are entering the lice salon.

This goes double for older children and teenagers. Sadly, there may still be a social stigma associated with head lice, and teenagers are particularly sensitive to that. They have enough on their plates and they may not want to share the news with others that they have lice. If they do, that’s up to them. Nonetheless, going to a lice salon, a public place, takes that choice away from them and you.

Alternatively, receiving lice treatment in your own home is your private business. You want friends to know? That is fine. Want to keep it to yourself? That is also your choice. Nothing is more private than a house call.


LiceDoctors’ pricing is generally a lot less than salons. Our overhead is lower and we pass that savings on to you. While a salon may charge $150 or more per person ($600+ for a family of 4), our pricing for 4 people averages less than $375 (including travel). After all, we don't have to pay for rent, heat, and idle employees like a salon does.

Less Risky

tacoma safe home lice removal treatment contagious salon risky wait

Imagine people sitting in the waiting room of a lice treatment salon. You know the drill. You sit and wait and the chairs are lined up and who knows who you will be seated next to. Does that person have head lice to share with you? You bring your child with the lice infestation, and you also bring your other child to be checked. You need to be there because who knows whether you have it or not. You certainly can’t check yourself. Any time you are around people who have lice, there is a risk that you can get it. When you bring a child who may not be affected or yourself to a lice salon to be checked, you are adding another point of exposure. You know that child one has lice, but you are not sure about yourself or child two.  

You also don’t know if someone with lice was sitting on the chair that you are now sitting on 15 minutes before you got there. Did that person leave any lice on the chair for you? There are risks of contracting lice from a lice salon.

These risks do not exist if you have at-home professional lice removal service. Let LiceDoctors mobile lice service come to you to check, and eliminate those risks. When there is a safer, better option, go for it

It is important to note that head lice will not go away by themselves. They require treatment which involves physically removing the nits from the hair and killing the lice. Chemical treatments are often not effective in killing the lice and they certainly do nothing to the nits. If you encounter a case of head lice call LiceDoctors today and we will help you out. We guarantee it and 400,000 satisfied clients back us up! Make an appointment or ask a question at 206-316-8637.

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