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Why I Love My Job As A Lice Technician

Why I Love My Job As A Lice Technician

Updated on June 25, 2020

LiceDoctors technicians make house calls to treat your family naturally and safely without the use of chemical lice medication.  Your technician has an arsenal of ways to eliminate lice naturally and remove nits from your head.

You Kill Lice????

allentown technician kill lice

When I tell people what I do for work, most people give me a look of horror and say, “I could NEVER do that!”. I get asked many questions: How did you find the job? Aren’t you afraid to bring lice home on you? Have you ever gotten lice from a job? Doesn’t it freak you out!? Do you really know how to kill lice at home? 

When I answer their questions it gives me an opportunity to tell them a few of the many reasons that I actually love the job. I have the opportunity to meet new people and see areas around where I live that I may not have seen before. I have done jobs outside in backyards and have been inside many homes. I've worked on a dock at a lake and have even gone into college campus dorm rooms to treat students. I never get bored working for LiceDoctors.

I Get to Help People Every Day

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The most important reason that I love the job is the sense of satisfaction I get from helping people when I remove lice from the hair. I get to to take a huge burden off their shoulders and it is a great feeling! I teach them about lice transmission (mostly through head to head contact), ways to kill lice if they get it in the future, how to kill lice at home, and lice prevention strategies.

When I arrive at a job, most of the time people are scared, upset, or freaked out. By the time I have finished the job they are calm and confident. I have had moms cry and hug me as I leave because they are so relieved. While I work I explain everything I am doing and I educate the family on lice. I teach the parents my techniques of lice removal and show them what lice look like in the hair so that if they ever have to deal with lice again they are confident enough to handle treating the lice themselves. I show them the right tools to use and explain ways to prevent lice, like wearing long hair up, using LiceDoctors shampoos and sprays, and not sharing hats, combs or helmets.

OTC and Prescription Lice Treatments Have Failedallentown chemical treatment lice ineffective

Many clients have tried over the counter lice shampoos and prescription lice treatments on their hair before I get there. These products have either flat out failed (ie. they see lice in the hair immediately following lice treatment) or the lice reappear within a week or two of their efforts. I find these clients in an understandably frustrated state. They are eager for answers and, more important, they are looking for a natural lice treatment that works!

A recent client, Joanne, in Allentown summed it up:

 “I could not believe it. I had spent more hours than I can count on home remedies for lice treatment. My daughters ran away every time they saw me with a box of lice shampoo. They did not want me combing the hair for nits any more; they were done! The problem was that the lice were not done and so they kept showing up every time I thought we were finally rid of the lice. I definitely did not know the best way to treat lice in kids! That is when I knew I needed professional help!”

I enjoy providing a service some people have never even heard of. allentown lice removal tech treatment homeI get asked a lot of questions and people seem intrigued by the job. I don’t even mind the strange looks that I sometimes get when I first tell people what I do. By the time I’m done telling them about the job and why I love it, most people understand why I do it, and some even ask me how they can become a lice technician as well!

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