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Why Did My Child Come Back with Head Lice From Camping?

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Ugghh. Your child went on a group camping trip (with friends, teammates, Girl Scouts) and now you learn several of the kids have head lice. What happened?

While sleepovers and camping trips are a natural part of growing up for many children, unfortunately they can also be the source of spreading head lice. Should you keep your child at home? We do not believe that is necessary or a good idea.

Camping can be a great experience for many children and it would be a shame for them to miss it because of lice, which are not an illness but rather a nuisance. Yes, we get it, head lice can be a big nuisance! Keep in mind though, that head lice infestations are very treatable.

Why are sleepovers a fertile ground for the transmission of lice?cartoon sleeping camper feet sticking out the flap of a tent The answer is that lice travel from head to head when heads are in close proximity to each other. When children are on camping trips, at slumber parties, or just at a regular two child sleepover, their heads are often together for hours at a time. This gives the lice plenty of opportunity to leave one head and travel to another.

The best precaution we can offer is to have your child pull long hair up in a pony tail or bun. This makes it makes it more challenging for the bugs to find the hair. In addition, spraying the hair with a lice repellent such as LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray helps to ward off bugs. If possible, suggest to the leader or parent in charge that she or he make sure that heads are not too close together. Finally, check your child in bright lighting immediately after the camping trip and then once a week for a couple of weeks afterward. ThIs will help you to identify a case and take care of it while it is still mild.

If you do find lice or if you are unsure if your child has contracted a case, call LiceDoctors in the Burleson and Mansfield area at 817-886-8290 . We can be reached seven days a week from 6:00 am until 11 pm. An experienced lice professional will make a house call to you and will stay until your family is lice-free. LiceDoctors has the lowest prices in the area and has successfully treated hundreds of thousand of clients.