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Why Are We Lice Technicians and How Do I Become a LiceDoctor Technician

Updated on March 18, 2020

Jobs as Lice Picker

Often times clients ask us, how did you decide to be a lice technician or more pointedly, why would you ever want to be lice picker? Each of us at LiceDoctors has our own path that led us to this position but we all have one thing in common: we like helping people by solving a problem that they have. We know that we have the resources and the tools to accomplish this task and over and over again, we see that our lice removal treatment works. Families are so relieved to see us, often giving us very warm greetings. We set about doing a service for them that they generally can not do for themselves. We bond with the families and when it is time to leave we often get hugs from very grateful clients! How many of us had that kind of rewarding feeling from previous jobs? Debbie, a LiceDoctors technician in Phoenix sent us this text last week: "Last night's appointment turned out to be the fourth time I have treated this family (over several years). Each time about one year apart. Different husbands different last names but same family. They greeted me yesterday with cheers of "we want Debbie" and little cards they made welcoming me back to their home. Today I received this text message and thought it might tickle you as it did me: Thank you, Debbie :). When I was putting the kids down last night, Nick says 'You know what, Mom? Getting lice isn't so bad because we get to see Debbie!' How's that for a testimonial?" If you see yourself as detail-oriented, and if you like to help people and spend time at the homes of families, this may be a calling for you. LiceDoctors will review our protocol with you if you don't have your own natural, safe, effective one. By the time, you go to treat a family, you are very prepared. Check out our application under the JOBS tab on our web site or click here.