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Becoming A Head Lice Technician

Becoming A Head Lice Technician
Updated on 
March 27, 2017

“Where do you work?” and “What do you do?” are pretty common questions people are asked. Until they have dealt with head lice, many people have never heard of a head lice technician, but once they have received a service from such a technician, they all agree that their lice removal specialist was a lifesaver. If you have ever wondered what a technician does, and if maybe you would like to become one, keep reading.

What Does a Lice Technician Do?

A lice removal technician is the person primary caregivers rely on to ensure that their family’s head lice case is completely gone. If you aspire to take on this role, your primary responsibility is to relieve the caregiver’s stress. Technicians need to exude calmness and take control of the stressful situation of dealing with lice, giving families the peace of mind they need, all while putting their expertise to work, removing all signs of a lice infestation from a person’s head. Technicians providing service to you from LiceDoctors offer an all-natural treatment that is safe for everyone. This treatment protocol, which your lice professional will show you, involves a multi-step process of combing, handpicking, and even more combing using a professional-grade nit comb and oil that traps head lice and aids in their removal while maximizing comfort for the clients.

Not to be overlooked is the integral role a lice technician plays in educating the family. She should share her head lice knowledge during the service that will help provide more calm in the storm. This includes teaching the family about head lice, how she is treating the family for lice, a follow-up, and prevention.

How Much Does a Head Lice Technician Make?

Asking a person how much they make is considered taboo, but most people have never heard of this work line, so that they may be naturally curious. On average, a qualified lice technician makes between $20 to $40 plus mileage. Much like other service providers who provide services in your home, a professional lice specialist is an independent contractor, so she provides all of the supplies needed to provide head lice treatment to clients.

How To Become a Head Lice Technician

Becoming a Head Lice Technician

If you are wondering how to become a lice removal technician, you should possess some knowledge about head lice. There is no substitute for experience, so often individuals who have dealt with and eradicated head lice themselves know what it takes to get rid of head lice for good.

Since dealing with head lice is very stressful for families, those wondering how to become a lice technician should be patient, personable, confident, and work well with all people, especially children, and stressed-out parents. They should be ready to take the lead when they start working with a family, which will ease the family’s stress. If you think you have what it takes and would like to know how to become a lice removal technician, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Fill out an application here. It would be prudent when filling out the application to review the questions carefully to ensure this would be a good fit for you and your family.

Step 2 - After our recruiting department reviews your application, if this seems like it may be a fit, they will reach out to you.

Step 3 - If you and our recruiter determine this is a good fit, you will need to review our protocol and answer an assessment to ensure further you have the background, knowledge, and experience required to be successful.

Step 4 - Get your supplies! If this is a good fit, fill out the final paperwork and start getting your supplies. Families need help, and often you will begin receiving appointment requests soon after your paperwork is submitted. So be ready! Lice happen when families are least expecting it, and they want it gone as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Had Lice and Got Rid Of It?

So now you know how to become a lice professional. Head lice are not going anywhere, so this means if you become a technician, you will likely always have some work to do. This on-call as a needed type of work will likely not provide steady income, but it provides nice extra money for individuals looking for a fulfilling part-time job. Families are happy to see you arrive, and they are happy to see you go!

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