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Why An In-The-Home Lice Treatment Service In Queens?

Why An In-The-Home Lice Treatment Service In Queens?
Updated on 
February 14, 2020

Life in the city can be busy. LiceDoctors offers in-the-home professional service—a tried and true AND convenient option for putting an end to your head lice problem.

LiceDoctors owner Wendy Beck lived in Queens for several years with 2 small children. LiceDoctors owner Karen Sokoloff lived in Queens as a child. We understand as much as anyone the benefits of in-home services, especially in New York City. Given the choice of dragging your kids somewhere in the city (fighting the traffic, crowding in on a subway, or waiting outside for a bus) or making a call and then waiting in your home for an expert to arrive seems like an easy decision to us.

Remember When Doctors Used to Make House Calls? 

Queens NYC home lice removal doctor recommended treatment

If you are a young parent then you may not have memories of that experience, but ahhh… the privacy, the care, the convenience! Your mom would call the pediatrician and within a couple of hours he or she was at your home, bag and tools in hand, to check you and leave you with a treatment plan.

Privacy of At-Home Lice Treatment

Queens NYC lice removal private in home treatment

Nowadays, in-home medical is not readily available; if you have a doctor who comes to your home, that is a rarity. Not so with LiceDoctors in-home lice treatment.

We dispatch a technician to your apartment or house so that you can maintain absolute privacy (no worries about being spotted by a neighbor or child’s friend as you go into a lice salon or clinic and no worries about a lice-free sibling contracting a case of lice from the salon or clinic, which happens.). You can’t get more private than that!

Convenience of At-Home Lice Treatment 

As we stated above, nothing is more convenient than finding someone who will come to you to fix a problem.

queens NYC in-home lice treatment

Imagine coming home from a day at work only to face the daunting task of picking camouflaged eggs from the hair. Or perhaps you are an at-home mom with a long to-do list and you get that dreaded call from school instructing you to please pick up your lice-carrying child. The last thing you want to is schlep around the city to a salon to have him or her checked. And what about brother or sister? Do you have to make a separate trip for that child? You don’t want to bring child one home after being treated only to have her or him exposed again from child two. Also, as we said above, dragging your kids around the city is not the easiest feat. especially when you do not want to expose a contagious child to the public. Nothing is more convenient than professional lice treatment in your own home!

Flexibility of At-Home Lice Treatment

At-home service also allows you maximum flexibility as

Queens NYC home lice treatment fast and effective

when one child is finished being checked, she can return to her at-home activities—no need to wait for little sister to be treated. Kids today are often scheduled for after-school activities and/or play dates, and/or they have a lot of homework. If you opt for a salon treatment, your child loses the flexibility to return to her “normal, everyday” life immediately following her treatment.

LiceDoctors in-home treatment takes away that stress and makes your lice treatment experience as flexible as possible. In addition, LiceDoctors will make a house call early in the morning until late evening. If 9-5 salon hours don’t work for you, maybe 7-midnight hours of LiceDoctors technicians will give you the added flexibility that you need.

Lower Price of At-Home Lice Treatment

Queens NYC LiceDoctors in-home lice treatment low cost price

Yes. Despite the convenience and privacy of at-home lice removal, we charge clients lower than salon pricing! LiceDoctors charges per hour and not per person so often the cost of our treatment for the entire family is significantly lower than per person charges of salons. Often prices at salons, including those that use hot air devices, may be $150 to over $200 per person.That means a family of 4 could cost $600 to $1000. Compare that to pricing at LiceDoctors where the average cost for a family of 4 is under $400 which includes travel to and from your home.

LiceDoctors offers the flexibility and privacy of at-home service—7 days a week—day or night. A technician can be at your home when it is convenient for you. Isn't life with kids in the city hectic enough? Let a professional make it a little easier for you. Call in Queens at 718-559-6983 and an experienced lice technician will come and take the burden off of you.

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