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Who Gets Head Lice and How Did My Child Get It?

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Let’s be clear: ANYONE can get head lice and it is often impossible to pinpoint the source of your child’s infestation, as lice are very prevalent and very contagious.


No One is Immune to Head Lice

Got hair? If the answer if yes, then you are a candidate for head lice. Even if you have a buzz cut, lice can attach to the hair and remain there. Lice do not discriminate among hair types; if they can reach the hair, they will climb up it to get to the scalp. Having clean hair does not exempt you from getting head lice so do not think that hygiene will make the difference of whether you get lice or you don't.

Head lice is a burgeoning problem in the United States. Many parents today are surprised or even appalled when they learn that their children have head lice. They mistakenly associate head lice with poor hygiene, which makes them that much more upset to learn that their child is infested. At least 12 million children are estimated to get head lice each year. The incidence continues to rise due to the growing resistance of lice to the chemical pesticides that are often used to treat them. These lice called “super lice” have been reported in almost every state.


How Did My Child Get Head Lice?

Whereas many parents are aware that lice are quite commonplace, it still can be quite a shock to learn that your child is actually a carrier. We know that nobody likes to think that their child has bugs crawling on his or her scalp. The first question people often want to know is: “how did this happen to my child?”

While it is not always easy or even possible to figure out the source of a lice infestation, the case almost always derives from another person. Lice do not reside in inanimate objects for very long; they crawl from one to head to another. If your child has head lice, he or she was in close contact with another person who had an infestation.

She may have been at a sleepover or a on playdate. He may have played video games sitting on the couch next to his best friend. A child may have hugged her mom and passed along the case. You get the idea: head lice are very contagious and if your child is in any sort of social setting he or she is a candidate for head lice.

Getting head lice should carry no social stigma. Lice may be a bit of a nuisance, but they do not cause disease and it is very normal for children to get lice today. If you find a case, it is best to let your child's friends know so that they can be treated and not pass the case back to your child. Should you uncover a case of lice in your family, LiceDoctors is available day or night to help you out. We have successfully treated lice in nearly 400,000 clients; your lice technician will come to your home and treat you with a chemical-free protocol that is guaranteed to be efficacious. Call LiceDoctors in the Evanston area at 312-765-7266. We take the burden of lice removal away from you.