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When There’s Something Strange in Your Family’s Heads: Who You Gonna Call?

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Chelsea Lonergan

If you see one of these bugs, there is no need to panic. Help is on the way!close up image of adult louse on yellow background.

Finding a mysterious, wriggling bug on your or your family member’s head can lead to one of two things: either you’re unsure and anxious about what you’re actually looking at (Is it a louse? A weird-looking ant? Very animated dandruff?) or you’re already groaning because this isn’t the first time you’ve fought a lice battle in your home and they’ve re-visited at the worst possible time. If you’re in the first boat, you may convince yourself you’re just dealing with dry scalp and lots of flakes. You may spend days or weeks ignoring the problem and waiting for it to go away as you try to use more conditioner than usual. If you’re in the second boat, you may be convinced that you know what you’re doing and that dealing with lice can—by Murphy'sl law—never be easy or cost-effective.

The clients I have visited as a LiceDoctors technician have been members of both camps, and all of them have expressed to me how they wished they had called me sooner than they did. So, how do you know when it’s time to call in the professionals?

1. You suspect that the dandruff in your family members hair isnt actually dandruff. By now, you’ve probably googled “lice”—does the bug look like that, but maybe has a different color? Lice can range from very light to very dark brown, and can vary in size up to the size of a large sesame seed. Similarly, the eggs (or nits) can vary in color from light appearing to very dark brown or even shimmery bronze. Nits are teardrop-shaped and are stuck to the hair shaft with a bit of special lice glue. If you find that there are very small, clear to light brown dots close to the scalp, try to use the tip of your nail to scrape it off. You’ll feel it slide with pressure (and not just by blowing on it) if it’s a nit.

2. You have a very hard time seeing the nits. You may have all the right tools, but if you can’t actually see the lice or nits, you won’t know if you’re actually getting rid of them! They’re infamously difficult to spot, but LiceDoctors technicians are seasoned veterans with the tips and tricks for finding them.

3. You want a chemical-free, guaranteed-effective, treatment. Sure, maybe you’ve found blogs and lists of alternative treatment methods, but there is no way to validate their effectiveness. LiceDoctors technicians use treatment protocols that are chemical-free and used every day across the country. Treatments have been developed through years of experience and research and there’s a reason they are backed by guarantee.

4. You want to be educated about how to treat future lice infestations. LiceDoctors technicians are more than just fancy hairdressers—we’re educators. We can answer all your questions about lice and what is fact and what is fiction. We can tell you exactly what tools you need and what you need to do to handle your lice problems down the road. Why not learn all our secrets one time now, with one payment now?

5. Youve tried everything else and youre just dang tired.seated girl leaning face on hand thought bubble says THE HECK WITH IT! This is by far the most common reason clients have called me in. You’re sick of the ineffective shampoos, cheap plastic combs, blood, sweat, and tears. We can step in and take over while you watch TV or kick your feet up with a refreshing beverage.

Whatever boat you’re in, our clients are always astounded by how surprisingly easy and cost-effective one visit from a technician can be. While a price comparison between a home visit and a bottle of shampoo may seem stark, LiceDoctors clients are paying for ease of mind, education, a break from the frustration, and, most important, a treatment that’s actually EFFECTIVE!. Why pay for a bottle of chemicals (that often just doesn’t work because lice have become resistant to the chemicals) when you could bring in the big guns?

Call LiceDoctors today in the Burke, Annandale, Springfield and nearby areas at 703-662-4519 . A seasoned lice treatment professional will come to your family at the time that works best for you. Treatments are covered by HSAs and FSAs and by some insurance plans and LiceDoctors pricing is among the lowest in the area..