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What Can A Lice Professional Do For Me?

Updated on May 14, 2017

Children often get upset over having lice

Your kid has lice. You think, "This isn't rocket science; I can get these things out of her hair". Here is a typical family lice scenario. Mom--"Sit down, I will apply this shampoo that kills the bugs." Child--"This stuff is gross. It better work." 1 hour later Mom- "I'm going to comb through your hair now.. Whoa...there are still live live bugs in the hair. I didn't expect that. The directions say, to comb out the eggs. I will do that now." Child (grumbling)--"I thought you said this stuff works." 1 week later Mom-" mmmm. What are these sticky things in the hair? I see more today than yesterday. I thought I had this under control." That is when we at LiceDoctors often get the call. This is what LiceDoctors does for families:

  • Kills lice
  • Identifies and removes nits
  • Provides fully effective follow-up plan
  • Calms nerves and gives peace of mind
  • Removes need to treat home for lice
  • Educates on prevention

Going directly to an experienced lice professional often saves parents time, money, and aggravation. Call LiceDoctors in Omaha at 402-885-4855.  You will be glad you did.