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What is the Best Strategy for Killing Live Lice Bugs?

Updated on April 15, 2017

Olive Oil for Lice Treatment - LiceDoctors

You are looking at it. That is right. You may read about different options on the Internet, but no one out there has treated as many heads as LiceDoctors. The best way to kill lice is to smother them with a viscous oil. The best way to remove nits (lice eggs) is to physically extract them from the hair. Lenny, a dad in the Jackson, Mississippi area, called us recently to say that he had tried a variety of lice shampoos, none of which worked. Then he tried Cetaphil which he said was better but he was still encountering live bugs in the hair. What to do? Mommy, please call LiceDoctors. These other treatments are just not working! While you may read from school officials or people in a lab that treatment oils do not always work, we would happily take on any detractor in a debate. Our track record of 250,000 successfully treated people speaks for itself. We are not doing some theoretical analysis, we are out in the homes of families every day. Our technicians are the ones who apply the oil and comb through the hair and pull out the dead lice and loosened nits. We are the ones who are so confident about the efficacy of our our plan that we offer a full guarantee that it works. Give us a chance to eradicate your lice. You will be so relieved that you did. To maximize your convenience and privacy your technician will come to you (in an unmarked car). Don't get desperate and try some cockamamie treatment options, call LiceDoctors today at 601-351-9411 and get relief from this annoying, and resistant infestation!

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