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Westland and Canton School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools that are close geographically can have widely varying policies when it comes to dealing with head lice. Schools in the Westland area retain a strict “no nit” policy, but schools in the Canton area follow the Michigan Head Lice Manual, which recommends that children with lice not be barred from school once treatment has begun.


The Graham Family of School’s Policy on Head Lice:

When a student is suspected to have head lice, either by self or other reporting, follow the below procedure:

  1. Isolate the student until they can be checked for lice by the school nurse, or other trained staff.
  2. If, upon examination, it has been determined that the student does have head lice and/or nits, the student’s emergency contact will be called to have them dismissed to home for the day.
  3. The student must remain out of school for a full 24 hours to ensure sufficient treatment time.
  4. The student may not return to school until they are lice and nit free.
  5. Once the student has returned to school, the student will be re-examined by the school nurse or other trained staff to make sure the student has been treated and the presence of lice and/or nits is gone.
  6. If lice and/or nits are present the student will again be dismissed to home for the day to be retreated, and will need to remain out for another 24 hours.
  7. The process in number 5 & 6 will be repeated until the student is lice AND nit free.

This policy is accordance with the practices recommended by the Columbus Health Department and the National Pediculosis Association. Educational information about head lice and effective practices of treatment and removal are available upon request.

Source: Graham School Handbook



When a student has head lice, all children from that same house should be inspected. Parents are encouraged to call the school office to inform if their child has head lice. Student can return to school after head lice treatment. See the head lice toolbox (link below) for the district head lice (pediculosis) guideline and information on head lice prevention, identification and management.

Source: Plymouth Canton Head Lice Toolbox

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