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Westerville and Reynoldsburg School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Many schools in Ohio are coming into alignment with policies recommended by the CDC and the National Association of School Nurses and are abandoning “no nit” policies.


“Students should return to school as soon as treatment is completed and no active infestation is identified. Active infestation will be defined as the presence live lice, or no progression in nit removal. Treatment can be accomplished overnight, allowing readmission the following day. An 45 adult must accompany the student to school to meet with the nurse or other staff member upon return to school. The student will be examined by a school staff member trained in the screening procedure. If a student is found to have an active infestation of head lice, the parent/guardian will take the student home for further treatment. Active infestation means that there are live bugs or no progress in nit removal. The process of nit removal may take a few days. Continue combing daily and remove any nits found.”

Source Westerville District Handbook


“Re-admission is dependent upon a decision by a physician, school nurse or in the case of pediculosis (head lice) the guidelines set by the county health department which must be followed prior to a student being readmitted.”

Source: Reynoldsburg School Board Policy


“It is our policy that any student found with pediculosis (lice) shall be excluded from attending school until he/she has been treated with an effective pediculicide. Prior to re turning to school, the student and parent must meet with the school nurse to determine that the student is free of infestation.”

Source: Waggoner Road Jr High Handbook

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