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Wait... What?? You Pick Head Lice???

Wait... What?? You Pick Head Lice???
Updated on 
July 3, 2019

You might think treating head lice is a gruesome task, but for those who work in the trenches of the lice removal business it can be a rewarding and even satisfying occupation. Here in their own words, some LiceDoctors Technicians share their experiences helping nervous and stressed clients navigate and overcome the choppy waters of an occurrence of head lice.

LiceDoctors Technician, Chiari Legare:

When someone asks what you do for work and you respond that you're a head lice technician, it's bound to raise a few eyebrows. cartoon image of surprised eyes and eyebrowsAt first blush, it sounds like a gross job nobody would want but it's my favorite job I've ever had. I love meeting the clients and teaching them about lice. Once clients are armed with more information, the lice issue seems less daunting and more manageable. If you know what you're doing, lice can be treated effectively and safely without any toxic chemicals.

As I calm the clients' fears, the fun begins because I am also getting to meet so many cool kids and interesting parents. It's more like being a hairdresser than an exterminator. It's rewarding to be able to allay fears; so many people are quite afraid due to all the misinformation regarding lice infestations.LiceDoctors professional technician treating smiling child In addition, I have the answer to the lice problem and can help people get rid of the lice who have endured so many failed attempts due to using the wrong techniques and products.

There are so many misconceptions about lice and how to respond when you or someone in your family is afflicted. Clients tell me all the time the things they've tried which range from the well-intentioned but ineffective (box kits from the pharmacy with pesticides and harsh chemicals) to the things you'd think would work but don't, like dying your hair. Properly treating the head is all that it takes to get rid of lice. Understanding lice is essential to successfully treat them and make sure you don't waste time and effort on tasks that aren't necessary.

LiceDoctors Technician, Laura Whiting:

I will never forget the first time that LiceDoctors dispatched me on a call. A young mother with two children had found lice in the hair of her younger daughter. I was a little nervous as I gathered my bag of supplies and made my way up the walk to the front door. Three expectant faces waited but they were not the three faces I expected. The three concerned faces that greeted me that day were Sally, the mother, her sister, Tara, and her mother-in-law, Mary (names changed for privacy).LiceDoctors Technician taking head-to-head selfie with two smiling little girls, all wearing shower caps

They seemed a little bit reluctant at first [to let me in], perhaps wondering if I was really going to be able to help. I briefly answered a few questions while standing outside the front door. They were understandably anxious and unknown to them (I hope) so was I. Having once been an overly protective, young mother, I understood their uncertainty. Finally, Tara said, “The girls are in here” and showed me in.

Sally had already gone to the local pharmacy and purchased a lice remedy. She was doubly stressed now because it remedied nothing. After using the chemicals, twice, Sally’s sister still found live lice on the scalp of the younger daughter. With two failed attempts already, Sally was doubtful that any treatment would work.

I talked as I combed the treatment through Emily’s hair, explaining why knowing how to identify every stage of life of the lice is key to eliminating them. I also explained how important it is to adhere closely to the follow-up plan.

Brittany was lice free. It turned out that only Emily had lice. colorful ribbon bow in child's hairShe was not happy, but I had brought some dollar store toys and pretty new bows and hair clips. I told her she had been so sweet and patient that if it was alright with her mommy and daddy that she and sister Brittany could each pick out a toy and whichever hair ties or barrettes they liked. They both picked nothing but hair accessories!

We said goodnight and both girls hugged me. And Sally and Tara raised a glass of wine in my honor. It feels good to do a job that helps people. I’m lucky to have found a job that when I leave I know I’m leaving people feeling confident and sure of themselves when just a short time before there was fear and uncertainty.

Debbie, a LiceDoctors technician in Phoenix sent us this text

Last night's appointment turned out to be the fourth time I have treated this family (over several years). hand made greeting crad with pastel heartEach time about one year apart. Different husbands different last names but same family. They greeted me yesterday with cheers of "we want Debbie" and little cards they made welcoming me back to their home. Today I received this text message and thought it might tickle you as it did me:

"Thank you, Debbie :). When I was putting the kids down last night, Nick says 'You know what, Mom? Getting lice isn't so bad because we get to see Debbie!' "

How's that for a testimonial?"


LiceDoctors Technician and smiling Family all wearing shower capsThis job isn’t for the faint at heart, but it is rewarding for those willing to fight the good fight against head lice. Our technicians often walk away feeling 10’ tall, knowing that they have truly helped some wonderful people through a challenging ordeal.


LiceDoctors technicians are honored to share a difficult time with their clients, a time when many feel vulnerable and extremely stressed. Technicians are able to calm and reassure their clients because they have the know-how and experience to eradicate head lice and restore a measure of peace. If you need help with head lice, you can call 800-224-2537 and one of our Super Heroes and Heroines will come to your home to quickly and completely take care of your head lice problem.

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