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From A Tucson Mother

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Updated on December 17, 2019

“Please help me. I have been picking nits from my children’s’ heads for the past week. close image of child head with hair parted showing single louse egg nit.jpgI thought I was done and this morning I found a bug and more nits. I also have no one to check my head” This is a call that we got this morning from a mom in Tucson and it is very typical of the calls that we get from people with head lice". Many parents spend hours or even days meticulously picking out eggs only to find that 1, 2, 3 or more weeks later, those nits are back in the hair. Parents tell us that they have tried several chemical treatments and have spent hours and dollars washing and dry cleaning clothes, sheets and comforters. They have missed days of work and their children have missed school or camp. These parents are at the end of their rope.

Why Use A Treatment Service?

LiceDoctors Lice Removal Service is Cost and Time Effective close image of a wrist watch with soft focus finger tapping at clock face.Many parents tell us that LiceDoctors offers a more cost-efficient expenditure than do-it-yourself options. These parents tell us that compared with the wasted money that they spent on chemical treatments, doctor visits, dry cleaning bills, loads of laundry, as well as the lost income from missed days of work (as well as their children missing school and camp) that the LiceDoctors Tucson treatment service ended up being a bargain. “I really wish I had known about you guys (at LiceDoctors) a month ago. I would have saved myself a bundle of money plus a bundle of aggravation. Lori was terrific…so professional and kind. The best news is that finally we are done with the torture of head lice.” Nancy T. mom in Tucson

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