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Tualatin and Sherwood School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in Tualatin and Sherwood are in alignment with current evidence based recommendations for managing head lice in schools. Only children with live lice will be excluded.


“Although head lice are not considered a threat to the health of children, we recognize the effort and attention to detail it takes to identify and eliminate lice. In the event that we learn of a lice outbreak, we will examine specific students impacted, and the office will then notify families in the classroom(s) via a letter from the principal. If live lice are present. During a lice outbreak you can help by checking your child's head daily and treating any infestations as soon as possible. If you find lice at home, please notify the school. Together we can mitigate this common nuisance.”

Source: Edward Byrom Elementary School 


Head Lice: (this information is from Sherwood School District Policy "Pediculosis [Head Lice]")

(Piojos De La Cabeza in Spanish)

“The Board recognizes that district programs should be conducted in a manner that protects and enhances student and employee health and is consistent with recognized health practices. Consequently, in order to prevent the spread of pediculosis (head lice) in the school setting, district staff shall institute guidelines for classrooms that will assist in the prevention and spread of head lice. Students with suspected cases of lice will be referred to the school nurse or administrator or designated personnel for assessment. Students found with live lice will be excluded from school. Students excluded from school will be readmitted after assessment by designated personnel to confirm no lice are present. Students found with nits (lice eggs) only or returning after exclusion with the presence of nits only will not be excluded, but will be subject to periodic checks to confirm continuing absence of live lice.

Successful treatment of head lice requires a coordinated approach and may involve the use of antilouse products, combing, and implementation of preventative measures recommended by health authorities. The district will provide parents of students found to have contracted head lice with treatment information. It is the district’s intent to not only eliminate the current infestation, but also to prevent a repeat episode.

The superintendent will develop administrative regulations, as necessary, to implement this policy.”

Source: Sherwood Schools Resources

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