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Top 10 Reasons to Use LiceDoctors

Top 10 Reasons to Use LiceDoctors
Updated on 
July 5, 2018

We know that you have other options with respect to lice treatments. LiceDoctors wants you to know why we are the best choice!

1.    LiceDoctors has an unparalleled track record: We have successfully treated 400,000 children and adults!

2.    Our is the only lice and nit removal service in Illinois with a physician on staff—Dr. Stephen Beck.

3.    LiceDoctors treatment is chemical-free with NO risk of side effects. We treat all children and adults including the most vulnerable— infants and pregnant women.

4.    We make house calls! Your technician makes the process completely private and convenient by coming to you when you want us (in an unmarked car).

5.    In-home treatment means maximum flexibility. As each family member is checked and cleared, he or she can return to every day schedule without having to wait at a salon for a sibling to be checked.

6.    Safety is our number one priority; our treatment is 100% safe and natural without the use of pesticides. We have never had a problem with treatment.

7.    Our prices are lower than salons. We do not have the overhead that salons have (rent, utilities, paying techs for down time) and we pass that savings to you.

8.    LiceDoctors' treatment is covered by most Flexible Spending Plans and by some insurance plans.

9.    LiceDoctors treats clients from early morning until late at night 365 days a year. We are available whenever you need us.

10.  LiceDoctors has the highest documented success rate at 99.9%. As a sign of our confidence in the efficacy of our treatment, we offer a full guarantee that it works. LiceDoctors has earned an "A" rating with Better Business Bureau.

LiceDoctors LiceDoctors is recommended by and used by hundreds of pediatricians, school nurses, school and camp administrators, and former clients.  No case is too hard for us…we eradicate super lice every day! Call us at 312-765-7266 and we will send an experienced lice professional to you today!

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League City and Friendswood Area School Lice Policies
Updated on 
November 6, 2020

League City and Friendswood Area School Lice Policies

Clear Creek ISD Students will be sent home from school if live lice are found in their hair. Students will not be sent home if only nits are found. Texas law also states students may return to school after one medicated shampoo or lotion treatment has been given. When returning to school a head check by the nurse is not required by law. … If treated, students may return to school the same day they were sent home. Mass screenings are not recommended or required. Source: Clear Creek ISD Dickenson ISD The school nurse will determine if a child has head lice and/or nits.

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Updated on 
October 27, 2020


LiceDoctors is busy in the Boston area...busy helping families like yours conquer head lice. How many cases of head lice are found in the Boston area each year? That number is hard to come by but we do know that in almost every city in the US, the 18-22 year old cohort is very unlikely to present with lice. Not so in the Boston area. Why is that?

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