Ten Facts of Lice (and Nits) You May Not Know

Super Lice

At LiceDoctors, we get several calls a day from people who have questions about lice. Many have heard information that is untrue. Based on 20 years of experienced with head lice treatment we have put together important information to help educate people about head lice and to clear away some myths. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet which contributes to the confusion.

  1. Head lice are extremely hearty and have become resistant to chemical treatments. The bugs have mutated and many common chemical lice shampoos do not accomplish the task of killing all of the lice. These hearty lice are called "super lice".
  2. Lice treatment products do not pierce the shell of a nit (lice egg). The shell is impermeable so products do not get through it and therefore do not affect the baby bug that is growing inside.
  3. It is not likely that you will get head lice from inanimate objects such as hats, helmets, backpacks, car seats, coats, etc. Head lice spread primarily from head-to-head contact.
  4. Head lice die when off the head for about one day. They need the specific temperature of the human scalp plus their food source which is human blood.
  5. You need only to treat the head appropriately, not the house, when trying to kill head lice. Head lice can only survive off of the head for one day. They need the blood and temperature of the human head to live. It is a waste of time to scrub down the house, do loads of laundry, and bag all of the toys. We repeat, you need to treat the head not the house.
  6. Not everyone is itchy from head lice. Some people have lice for months and have no idea because they feel nothing on their head and have no itchy symptoms.
  7. Eggs are not contagious; the only way you can get a case of head lice is if a bug climbs into your head. That bug lays up to 10 eggs a day and when these hatch, live bugs will come out and the cycle goes on. Eggs (nits) are stuck to the hair and cannot move to someone else's hair.
  8. If your hair is dirty, it is less likely that you will get head lice than if your hair is clean. Many people think that lice are attracted to people with poor hygiene, but in fact that is not true at all. Dirty hair tends to have an oily sheen, which makes it harder for the lice to adhere to the hair.
  9. If a child has head lice, it is highly likely that the mom has it as well. In the vast majority of cases children have passed along their infestation to their mothers. It is far less likely for the dads to present with lice then the moms. Because lice are so contagious, it is also typical for siblings to pick up lice from each other.
  10. It is important to do some follow-up at home. Lice eggs are microscopic for a day or so after they are laid. In order to get rid of the lice infestation, it is very important to follow-up so that if there is anything in the hair you can remove the lice eggs or nits as they grows big enough to be seen.

At LiceDoctors, an experienced lice technician will eliminate all bugs and visible eggs. She will then leave you with a simple follow-up plan. Give us a call in Ohio today for safe and effective lice treatment in the privacy of your residence-800-224-2537.

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