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Summerville and Goose Creek School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in Summerville and Goose Creek do not hold to strict “no nit” policies. Students are allowed to return to school once effective treatment has been administered.


“Untreated head lice

  1. Children with crawling lice or with nits(eggs) ¼ inch or close to the scalp will be sent home at the end of the day, if head-to-head contact with other children can be avoided. Otherwise they may be sent home immediately.
  2. Excluded until first treatment and no active lice crawling on child’s head.


According to Dorchester District Two Policy JLCC: If a teacher suspects a child of having head lice or nits, he/she will notify the school nurse or principal’s designee. If the student has an active infestation, school personnel will notify the parent/legal guardian by telephone or in writing with recommendations for treatment procedures.

• Readmission to school

  1. The district prohibits a student who is sent home with head lice or nits from returning to school until he/she meets the following conditions:
    • The student shows evidence of treatment as determined by the school.
    • The student passes a physical screening by the school nurse or principal’s designee that shows the absence of head lice.
  2. At no time will a student be allowed to return to school without proof of treatment and a screening.”

Source: Dorchester SD2 Handbook



The following procedures are supported by US Center for Disease Control standards ( and are designed to facilitate consistency, appropriate treatment, privacy, and respect.

  • When a student is found to have lice, siblings of the student may be examined. Screening will be performed at the nurse’s discretion based on an assessment of the situation. • Any child found to have lice will be referred to parents by telephone, letter, or home visits, if needed.
  • Information will be sent home with the student with directions for treatment and follow-up. If the parents cannot be reached during the school day, and the student must remain in school, he/she may remain in the classroom.
  • Since the school nurse may serve several schools, each school will designate one or two persons (principal, instructional leader, guidance counselor, secretary, or aide) as referred to in the WV Basic and Specialized Health Procedures Manual. These individuals will be trained by the nurses to perform hair assessments and recheck the child upon his/her return to school.
  • A student may return to school after the school nurse or designee has rechecked him/her, and it has been determined that appropriate treatment has been administered. • School personnel will provide factual information to students regarding head lice, reducing the negative attitudes toward affected students.
  • Each school/school nurse will try to resolve the problem before referring to attendance workers.
    • The student’s absence may be excused 3 days for the first incident and 2 days for the second incident. Subsequent re-infestations will be unexcused in a school year.”

Source: Berkely County School Handbook

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