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Stamford and Greenwich School Head Lice Policies

Stamford and Greenwich School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
August 27, 2019

Stamford Schools

Stamford Public Schools allow children with lice to remain in school, but they must be treated on the day of diagnosis.

Stamford Health Department Head Lice Policy

  • If the head is suspected, the student should be sent to the school nurse for diagnosis.
  • If it is confirmed, the parent must be notified on the same day by a phone call and note sent home with the student along with a Lice Face Sheet.
  • The parent / guardian has the option of picking up the student early, but the student does not have to be removed from the school / classroom. The student may go back to class if not picked up by a parent / guardian.
  • Treatment should be performed on the day of diagnosis.
  • The student needs to check in with the school nurse prior to returning to the classroom for evaluation.
  • The student should be re-checked in 7-10 days.
  • Classroom screening is NOT recommended.
  • Letters to the parents are NOT routinely done.

Source: Springdale Elementary Health Information

Greenwich Public Schools

Greenwich Public Schools do not allow students with lice to return to school until they are lice-free.

Greenwich Public Schools, Harvard School of Public Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses recognizes that no disease process is associated with head lice and under the best practice, screening in schools does little to reduce the incidence of head lice.

On the day a case of head lice is reported or discovered at school every student in the entire class PK through 4th grade will be checked by the school nurse and 5th grade through 12th grade students at risk will be checked.

  • A letter will be sent home to the entire class asking all parents to carefully check their children along with other family members.
  • Children who have head lice cannot return to the classroom until they are lice and nit free. Students returning to school after treatment for head lice must report to the nurse for a head check prior to returning to the classroom.
  • When there is a known case of head lice in a classroom, all children from that class (PK – 4th), will be re-checked one week later by our school nurse and grades 5th through 12th, individual exposed children will be checked.
  • When a child with a reported case of head lice has siblings at another division, the school nurse will notify the other division.
  • The School will continue to remind students not to share hats, coats, or other pertinent items. * An informational bulletin regarding head lice infestation and management will be emailed on an as needed basis.”

Students with diagnosed Head Lice must be examined by the School Nurse before returning to the classroom. Please come to the nurse’s office with your child after treatment at home. The nurse will examine your child and confirm with you that your child’s hair is free of infestation.

Source: Greenwich Public Schools Health Program

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Shoreline and Edmonds School Lice Policies
Updated on 
October 27, 2020

Shoreline and Edmonds School Lice Policies

Shoreline Public Schools HEAD LICE POLICY – Effective date 9/2012 Students in the Shoreline district will no longer be prohibited from school due to head lice. The policy is as follows: Based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, American Pediatric Association, and Seattle King County Health Dept., Shoreline nurses will be using the following guidelines for helping parents as they deal with lice and nits. Biggest change: students will NOT be sent home from school in the middle of the day any longer.These changes do not put our students at more risk for getting head lice.

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Fairfax County (VA) School Lice Policy
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Fairfax County (VA) School Lice Policy

In Prince George's County, students with lice are still sent home, as they are in Washington, Fairfax County and Montgomery County. On the other hand, Arlington County lets children stay in the classroom even if they've got lice.

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