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St. Clair Shores and Warren School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Most school districts set the district-wide policies for head lice and parents should always check with their child’s school for their particular policies. Schools in St. Clair Shores restrict students from attendance if they have any signs of lice, while Warren schools follow the recommendations of the Michigan Department of Health which recommends against “no nit” policies owing to their negative social and financial impacts.



Because a school has a high concentration of people, it is necessary to take specific measures when the health or safety of the group is at risk. The school's professional staff has the authority to remove or isolate a student who has been ill or has been exposed to a communicable disease or highly- transient pest, such as lice.

Source: Lake Shore PS Handbook


Head Lice


  • Eggs hatch in 7-10 days;
  • maturity reached 7-13 days

Van Dyke Public Schools follows guidelines established by the Michigan Department of Health for cases involving Pediculosis (Head Lice).

Source: Van Dyke PS Code of Conduct


Policy Recommendation:

At this time, MDCH and MDE recommend a policy that focuses on the exclusion of active infestations only. Active infestations can be defined as the presence of live lice or nits found within one quarter inch of the scalp. Nits that are found beyond one quarter inch of the scalp have more than likely hatched, or are no longer viable.

  • Any student with live lice (or nits within one quarter inch of the scalp) may remain in school until the end of the school day (see recommended procedures, page 23). Immediate treatment at home is advised. The student will be readmitted to school after treatment and examination. If, upon examination, the school-designated personnel find no live lice on the child, the child may reenter the school.
  • Any student with nits (farther than one quarter inch from scalp) should be allowed in school.
  • Parents should remove nits daily and treat if live lice are observed.

Source: Michigan Head Lice Manual

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