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Six Things that You Do Not Have to Do When Your Child Has Lice

Six Things that You Do Not Have to Do When Your Child Has Lice
Updated on 
November 26, 2019

Finding out that your child has head lice can be nerve-wracking for parents. It helps to know what you do NOT need to do so you don’t waste your time.

Most of the time when parents find out that their child/children have an active case of head lice, the first thing they tend to do is FREAK OUT! I am a mother myself, and trust me, I've been there also, however there is just no need to do that. Lets just start with the list of things that you do not have to do:

1. You do NOT have to freak out

Of course no parent wants tiny little bugs crawling around in their or their children's hair, but it does happen and is not an uncommon thing. Parents also tend to start throwing their children's things away, but this is really just major over kill and is not necessary.

2. Bedding does not need to be washed every day

You can throw sheets and pillow cases in the washing machine, although not required, right after your child is treated. Beyond that, you are wasting time, water, and electricity.

3. Don’t bother with dust ruffle

Lice are not likley to scoot all the way down past the mattress without dying, and your child’s head does not come into contact with it anyway. 

4. No need to vacuum curtains or drapes

It is very unlikely that the bugs will make their way over to your windows. Also, the bugs die when off the head for a few hours.

5. You do not need to throw away all of your brushes and combs

Simply drop them into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. That will kill anything that has latched on to the hair inside.

6. Please try to remember feelings, and try not to make anyone feel bad

None of us wants to catch head lice, but neither do our children. After your child/children find out that they have head lice, they may feel terrible and gross. Saying things such as:

  • “Get off my bed”
  • “Don’t touch my things”
  • “Keep your head away from me”

Comments such as those and many others, could make your child feel repulsive. Be careful to think of feelings.

Should you find that your family has head lice, LiceDoctors will come to YOU anywhere in the Layton and Kaysville vicinity. We will treat you in the privacy of your own home..no need to drag the whole family to a salon. When we finish your lice removal treatment on one family member, she is free to return to her routine. She doesn’t need to sit in a salon waiting for younger brother or older sister to be checked. Mom doesn’t need to worry that when she is being treated, her small children are misbehaving and annoying other clients. It just makes sense to minimize stress and upheaval by letting your tech put an end to your lice problem in your own home on whatever schedule works for you. Call today 801-477-4730 for professional lice help.

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