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Shoreline and Edmonds School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Shoreline Public Schools

HEAD LICE POLICY – Effective date 9/2012

Students in the Shoreline district will no longer be prohibited from school due to head lice. The policy is as follows:

Based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, American Pediatric Association, and Seattle King County Health Dept., Shoreline nurses will be using the following guidelines for helping parents as they deal with lice and nits.

Biggest change: students will NOT be sent home from school in the middle of the day any longer.These changes do not put our students at more risk for getting head lice. Lice are harder to catch than the common cold and have NO health risks. By changing our policy we hope to decrease: *Emotionally charged responses *Fear and belief in myths *Lost work days *Unneeded shaming *Toxin use *Burdensome costs *Lost school days

For suspected cases of Lice or Nits (eggs), school staff will send students to the nurse for a head check:

If only nits are found at the initial screening or return check:

  • Nurse notifies parent
  • Be checked in 8-10 days or at nurse’s discretion.
  • Be monitored for live lice by parent. Referred for treatment if nits are within 1⁄2 inch of scalp
  • If live lice are found:
    • Student will be referred for treatment at the end of the school day by the nurse.
    • Parent will be encouraged to consult their physician or pharmacist.
    • Parent will inspect siblings, family and talk to parents of close contacts to help with control.
    • Confidentiality of student information will be maintained.

There will not be classroom checks or classroom letters sent home when nits or live lice are found. Health office staff will provide information on:

  • Treatment options to parents/guardian
  • Education about Lice life cycle.

Following treatment:

Students may be checked for evidence of successful treatment or at nurse’s discretion Nurses may continue to provide follow up checks and advise parents.

Source Briarcrest Elementary

If you find head lice in your family in the Shoreline and Edmonds area, an experienced lice technician will come to you at your convenience and clear away the infestation. Call LiceDoctors day or night, 365 days a year, at 206-316-8637 for a private, confidential, and convenient professional lice treatment in your own home.