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Milwaukee School Lice Policy

Updated on March 18, 2020

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School Lice Policy Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas School lice policies in the Milwaukee area vary. Some schools retain “no nit” policies, while others have loosened their criteria and allow students to return to school with nits after treatment. According to TMJ4 News, about 3% of visits to the school nurse involve head lice. Milwaukee Public Schools Director of Health Services Rachel Gallagher says, "Head lice is an equal opportunity infestation. They like clean heads as well as dirty heads, clean homes as well as dirty homes." She encourages parents to report cases to the school. Milwaukee Public Schools sends children with lice home to be treated, but if parents start treatment on their child, the child can return to school the next day. Even if there a few nits left in the hair, the school will readmit the child. Learn more at

Sheboygan School Districts

In the Sheboygan area, several school districts have eliminated the “no live bug” policy for day one of identification and allow students to remain in school until the end of the school day in an effort to reduce school absenteeism due to head lice. This policy is in accordance with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses. "If a student is found with lice, we notify the parent, we have the student treated and we send letters home to the parents," said Plymouth School District superintendent Carrie Dassow.  "We're all about education here and so, of course, it's very important for us to have children in the classroom." Learn more at

Shorewood Public Schools

Shorewood Public Schools no longer do routine school or classroom screenings for lice. If the principal deems it necessary, screenings will be done on a grade or classroom and parents are recruited and trained to do this. According to the district web site, when a case of lice is discovered the policy is as follows: “A student found to have live lice will need to go home with their parent/guardian to initiate treatment. The health aide will provide the family with general information on head lice removal (such as a communicable disease fact sheet from the State website or the CDC). A notification letter will be sent to parents of students in the affected classroom(s), with updates periodically, if needed. However, a notification does not need to be sent out for every single case after the first case has been identified in a particular classroom…A daily head check by parents for the next ten days is advisable... In addition to treating the child, the siblings must be checked and treated if necessary. Prior to re-admission to school, the student should be examined by the health aide, district nurse, or other designated employee. Students should be excluded until initial treatment is completed and no live lice are seen. If the student has a few nits that can be removed as part of the checking process, s/he may be readmitted back to class. If nits are so prevalent that they cannot be removed in a reasonable amount of time, the student will need to go home. Once readmitted to school, the student should be checked twice by the health aide at 10-day intervals to ensure there has been no re-infestation... If at any time, there is a large outbreak of lice, a school wide parent email blast will be sent via the AlertNOW Rapid Communication System employed by the school district." Learn more at

Some School Districts Retain "No Nit" Policies

While the aforementioned districts have loosened their criteria, there are still schools in the Milwaukee area that retain “no nit” policies such as Cudahy, Wisconsin. Schools revisit their head lice policies from time to time so it is important for parents to call their school nurse to keep up with the most up-to-date school lice polices. No matter the policy that your child's school follows, LiceDoctors is available to help get rid of the lice and nits, 7 days a week, 365 days (and nights!) a year so call  262-923-8340 now for all natural guaranteed treatment.