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Updated on September 28, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Chelsea Lonergan

Your family has head lice. You want the most effective, convenient, and the safest option. Which way to go: At-Home or Salon Treatment?

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have lice infestations in the past, you’ve likely heard of, seen, or even used some of the best known types of lice treatments. woman holding out two fruits to choose from, an apple or a pear.The most common (and ineffective) ones include those do-it-yourself, “all-inclusive” kits sold at the local drug stores. You know the ones. They smell like embalming fluid, they’re hidden on the bottom shelf next to other unloved dusty boxes, and they include “BONUS” combs that can snap if you have an especially strong pinky grip.

Many people, at least in 2019, can now agree that the comparably lower prices of DIY boxed treatments are heavily outweighed by the costs of using harsh, smelly chemicals that don’t even work most of the time.

Other types of lice treatments can include specialty lice salons where you can go for lice treatment. These salons generally operate in the day time, 5-6 days a week and require an appointment. Then there are mobile services where a lice specialist comes to your home and treats you and your family.

So, how do you know whether you should utilize in-home versus salon treatments? The answer is a personal one. Check out the following list for a quick run-down of each:

  1. Salon treatments have the advantage of being done by a professional. Still, salon treatments can be pricey, especially if they use the heat treatment methods (for an in depth comparison between heated devices and LiceDoctors)...they can charge $150, $200, or even $250 PER PERSON! A family of 4 might incur a charge of nearly $1,000. antique brass weighted scale balancing time and money with stacks of coins vs old brass alarm clock.Salons also require you to travel to their physical location during their open hours. Depending on where you live—especially if it’s not in a large city or suburb—there may not be a salon within a reasonable distance from you. In addition, salons are not the most private of places. You have to be willing to potentially run into a neighbor while entering the salon and/or sit in a waiting room with others who probably have lice.
  2. In-home treatments have the same advantage of being done by a professional. You can rely on technicians to do the difficult work of catching sometimes impossible-to-see lice and nits. This labor can translate into higher prices than a DIY option, but if the company is reputable the treatment works (which is often not the case with DIY options). You may expect that given the added service, flexibility, and privacy of house calls versus salons, that the prices would be higher than salon prices. Surprisingly that is not the case (at least not with LiceDoctors). And where salon treatments fall short in convenience (you have to find one nearby and you have to find one that’s open), in-home treatments come to you when you want them to. It’s the same convenience of allowing a professional to do the work, with the added advantages of not having to move or change out of your pajamas at whichever time is convenient for you.

If you come upon lice in your family, we recommend option 2. You will appreciate the comfort and discretion of a house call (in an unmarked car). Technicians visit families in Germantown and Collierville and all suburbs of Memphis. Call today at 901-305-8819 and join the 500,000 plus clients who have benefited from LiceDoctors in-home service.