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Round Rock and Georgetown School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020


Round Rock schools have dropped their "no nit" policies as advised by the American Association of Pediatrics.

TRANSMISSION "The process of transferring lice from one individual to another generally occurs from direct head-to-head contact. Transmission of lice is more likely to occur in the home setting versus the school setting. Lice do not jump or fly. They do not live off of a human host for more than 24 hours.

SCREENING Mass screenings are disruptive and not warranted. RRISD will not conduct mass screenings. THIS PROCEDURE MUST BE FOLLOWED. Mass screenings increase the potential for lice phobia and unnecessary use of lice medication that can cause resistance. It is the parent’s responsibility to check their students head once a week. If 5 or more students have live lice, in the same week, in the same classroom, you need to assess what is happening in the classroom. You may screen this classroom as needed, but be very discreet about it. Other students should not know when you have found lice on a student. If the teacher notices excessive head scratching the student can be sent to the clinic for a check. A parent may call and want you to check their student’s head, which you can do. Parents should check their students head for lice on a weekly basis. Parents may not call and request that you check another student’s head. DO NOT DISCUSS A STUDENTS LICE ISSUE WITH ANYONE OTHER THEN A CUSTODIAL PARENT OR GUARDIAN.

NOTIFICATION LETTERS Classroom or school-wide notifications may only increase public alarm and bring undue attention to the student with lice. To prevent unnecessary abuse of lice medication the state recommends that only the parents of children with live lice be notified. However, RRISD can notify a classroom in elementary school if 2 or more students in that classroom in the same week have live lice.

EXCLUSION There is little evidence that exclusion from school reduces the transmission of lice. NO OTHER MINOR MEDICAL CONDITION WARRANTS SCHOOL EXCLUSION. The “no nit” policy is not in the best interest of the child, family or school. “No nit” policies have not put an end to lice infestation. The parent of any student with live lice only will be notified to pick up the student and provide treatment. The student’s condition will remain confidential." More information:


This district states that any child with live lice must be picked up by his parent as soon as possible. Student may return to class after treatment and re-examination for live bugs. If nits only are remaining in the hair the student may return to school. If lice bugs are still present then the child will be sent home. The student will then be checked a week after admission to be sure that all nits are gone. At that point if Live bugs are still present the child will be excluded further until all the live lice have been removed. If no live bugs are found then there will be no follow up checks. Source: Georgetown ISD Lice Policy

If you reside in the Round Rock and Georgetown area and find that your child has head lice, call LiceDoctors at 512-318-2929.  An experienced lice technician makes house calls day or night, 365 days a year and will rid your child of head lice so that she or he can return to school without the worry of recurrence. To ensure that you are aware of your school district's latest lice policy, call your school nurse.