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Why Parents Panic Upon Finding Head Lice

Updated on May 18, 2017

What is about lice that makes even the most even-keeled person feel panicky? Many people upon finding out that they have lice feel like one of their worst fears has come to fruition. Is it because of the "ick" factor and related bug-aversion? Is it because of the stigma and concern that their children will be ostracized? Is it guilt as some parents think that they somehow should have found it earlier?

Unable to Find a Solution - Panic Sets In

Parents Panicking Head Lice

Don't panic! While all of these factors come into play in varying degrees, we at LiceDoctors have observed that panic comes into the equation as parents try to get rid of the bugs and nits, but can't seem to find a lice treatment that works. It is the feeling of being overwhelmed that really pushes conscientious parents over the edge. Parent tell us that they have spent hours, days even, combing their kids' hair while their kids sit unhappily waiting for this onerous lice removal process to be finished. Just when they think that there can't possibly be anything left in the head, a bug walks out. It is that feeling of being on hamster wheel that frustrates parents and leads to a feeling of panic.

Stigma of Lice Lessening in Recent Years

The truth is that the stigma has lessened significantly in recent years as the incidence of lice has increased exponentially. The truth is that many children do not feel itchy and the nits are very small so it is unlikely that even the most vigilant parent will identify a case early. Mostly, the truth is that the reason that parents have such a hard time eradicating lice is that even if you leave a single nits in the hair (and recently laid nits are very tiny), you have not eradicated the head lice case. That is why lice professionals can help you so that you don't have to reach that feeling of despair; when you turn over the responsibility of head lice treatment to an expert, you no longer feel overwhelmed. That's when the panicky feeling goes away--along with the lice. Call LiceDoctors at 800.224.2537 for information on our in home lice removal treatment service.

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