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Ontario School Lice Policy

Ontario Apples in a Lice Free School

Updated on July 19, 2020

The Ontario district has a “no nit” policy which means if a child is found to have nits (eggs) in the hair, he or she may not remain in school. The policy is as follows:

“School employees shall report all suspected cases of head lice to the school nurse or designee as soon as possible. The nurse or designee shall examine the student and any siblings of affected students or members of the same household. If active adult head lice are found, the student shall be allowed to stay in school until the parent/guardian arrive to pick up student. The parents/ guardians of any such student shall be informed about recommended treatment procedures, ways to check the hair, and sources of further information.

When it is determined that one or more students in a class or school are infested with head lice, the principal or designee may at his/her discretion notify parents/guardians of students in that class or school and provide them with information about the detection and treatment of head lice.

If there are more than two students affected in any one classroom, all students in the class shall be examined and information about head lice shall be sent home to all parents/guardians in the class.

Excluded students may return to school when reexamination by the nurse or designee shows that all pests and nits have been removed.”


adopted: March 28, 2013 Ontario, California

If you think that your child may have head lice, give LiceDoctors a call at  909-266-2459. We will ensure that he or she is admitted to school the day after treatment.