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Norfolk School District Lice Policy

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Norfolk still retains its "no nit" policy and requests that parents of affected students seek treatment immediately to control and eliminate the active infestation before a child returns to school.

Head Lice: Screening for head lice is done as the need arises. Infected children will be excluded from school until treatment is received and lice are cleared. We suggest that you examine your child's hair at the beginning of the school year and periodically throughout the year. If you detect head lice or nits, contact the school nurse so that we can give you further information and examine students in your children's classes. Also, notify the parents of your children's playmates so that they can check their hair.

Source: Norfolk Public Schools


LiceDoctors can help get children back to school the very next day, even in schools with stringent "no-nit" policies, give us a call day or night at  757-609-0509 . You will be relieved that you did.