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New Braunfels and Seguin School Head Lice Policies

New Braunfels and Seguin School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
October 30, 2019

Schools in New Braunfels and Seguin no longer enforce strict “no nit” policies but work closely with parents to ensure that cases of head lice are taken care of effectively.


Head Lice (All Grade Levels)

“New Braunfels ISD follows the Texas Department of State Guidelines Communicable Disease for School and Day Care which states: Head lice (pediculosis) - there is no statute in Texas that addresses excluding children with head lice from school. Lice are not a public health threat, as they do not carry disease. Therefore, the Department of State Health Services does not monitor or track cases of head lice. The recommendation is for the parent or guardian to check their child’s hair often.”

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or contact your school nurse.

“Head lice, although not an illness or a disease, is very common among children and is spread very easily through head-to-head contact during play, sports, or nap time and when children share things like brushes, combs, hats, and headphones. If careful observation indicates that a student has head lice, the school nurse will contact the student’s parent to determine whether the child will need to be picked up from school and to discuss a plan for treatment with an FDA-approved medicated shampoo or cream rinse that may be purchased from any drug or grocery store. After the student has undergone one treatment, the parent should check in with the school nurse to discuss the treatment used. The nurse can also offer additional recommendations, including subsequent treatments and how best to get rid of lice and prevent their return.”

More information on head lice can be obtained from the TDSHS website


“Head Lice (All Grade Levels)

SISD procedures to control lice and nits are as follows:

  • Students who show possible signs of lice or have active lice visible to the eye will be referred to the campus nurse for a head check.
  • If lice are present, the student’s parent/guardian is contacted and a letter is provided to parent with instructions for care. Parents are notified to take their child home and conduct a recommended treatment (medicated shampoo or rinse). A letter, signed by the parent and verifying treatment, must accompany the student upon his/her return to school;
  • If very few lice are present, the nurse or health aide may, with the permission of the principal & parent, comb out the few live lice and send the student back to class. At the end of the day, the student is sent home with a letter and instructions for care. If a student with only a few live lice has had persistent lice problems, he/she is sent home with a letter containing instructions for care;
  • If nits only are present, the student will remain in school for the day. At the end of the day, the student is sent home with a letter and instructions for care;
  • Upon return to school, the teacher will send the student to the nurse or health aide for a recheck. Students who return to school with lice or nits will be subject to repeat head checks to ensure the elimination of lice;
    **Students with chronic cases of head lice will be required to be checked by the school nurse daily. In addition, the district social worker will also be notified to intervene and support parent/guardian with severe cases
    (Chronic-consistent infestation on a frequent basis)
  • An absence is excused on the day a student is sent home due to lice.
  • When several confirmed cases of lice/nits occur in one classroom, letters of notification will be sent home to parents of all students in the class.

Notice will also be provided to parents of elementary school students in the affected classroom.

More information on head lice can be obtained from the DSHS website Managing Head Lice.

Source: Seguin ISD Parent Handbook

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