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McKinney And Allen School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020


This district no longer has a "no nit" policy. "Head Lice (Pediculosis) Guidelines MISD Health Services will follow the steps below in providing information about and the prevention of the spread of head lice.

Information is available from the campus nurse and on our website about head lice and its prevention.

The campus nurse instructs the students on prevention and the spread of head lice throughout the school year.

The nurse checks for head lice on a particular student from the referral of a teacher or the child’s parent.

Parents are called if their child is found to have head lice or nits and asked to pick up their child for treatment. A treatment plan and educational information is given to the parents, including a readmission criteria checklist. The child may remain in the classroom or the clinic prior to the parent’s arrival, whichever is less embarrassing for the child’s particular situation.

MISD does not have a “No Nit” policy. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the campus nurse to recheck and observe the child for signs of treatment prior to the return to class. The campus nurse will observe to see if visible nits are removed. There needs to be a significant reduction in the amount of nits before a child will be readmitted to class. The nurse will follow up with the child, and his/her parents, if the child is not completely nit free.

After the nurse is notified or finds a case of head lice/nits in a classroom, the entire classroom is checked. A letter is sent home if 3 or more cases of lice/ nits are found in that classroom.

The classroom where the lice/nits are found will be rechecked in 10-14 days. If lice is found the above steps will be repeated.

If a case of head lice goes untreated the nurse will involve the campus administrator in a meeting with the parents."

More information: McKinney Independent School District.

Allen Schools

Lice in the Classroom

Children will be sent home for treatment if signs of an active infestation are found.

When a parent calls to inform me that they have found lice in their child's hair or I find a confirmed case of lice in the classroom, any siblings of that student will be checked. Mass head checks have not been proven to be effective--parents must be diligent at home by checking their child's head as needed.  If a grade level has 3 or more cases, a head lice alert will be emailed to parents. Letters will not be sent home to individual classes. AISD policy asks that teachers and nurses be very discreet concerning students with lice. The student will be excluded from the classroom until an FDA approved lice killing shampoo has been applied and I have rechecked their hair before entering the classroom again. I will check the student once more 7 days after initial treatment to be sure the problem has resolved. Lice are very common in school populations, are generally very harmless, but annoying.

If you find that your child has lice, please notify me so that I be sure to monitor the situation. Please be assured that I will keep each case very CONFIDENTIAL. But it is important that I am notified of any lice cases that are discovered by a parent at home.

Source: Allen Independent School District

School districts modify their school lice policies from time to time. Call your school nurse to be sure that you have the most up to date school lice policy. If you do find that your child has lice, LiceDoctors can help you so that your child can return to school the next day. Call LiceDoctors in the McKinney and Allen area at 214-382-9727