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The LiceDoctor is In: Don't Rely on the Internet for Information About How To Treat Head Lice

Updated on March 18, 2020

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How many times have you been told not to rely on the Internet when looking for diagnoses or solutions to medical issues. You probably have disregarded that advice (haven't we all?) and may have even scoured the Internet looking for advice on how to treat head lice; if you have done so then you know there is plenty of conflicting advice about lice. For example, you may have read that you should buy over-the-counter head lice shampoos filled with the chemical permethrin. What you may not know is that those products do not always don't kill the lice (bugs) which have mutated and often are resistant to those products. Furthermore, the web sites don't always tell you that the chemicals do nothing to kill the lice eggs (nits). Nits have a hard shell that prevents the chemicals from seeping through to kill the baby bug (nymph) that is inside the nit. Dr. Beck advises that it is the head, not the house that needs to be treated. You also may read that it is necessary to put toys and clothes in bags for 2 or more weeks and/or wash all the laundry and scrub down the house in order to kill lice and nits that are in the house. That is also false information. Lice can only survive off of a host for 24-36 hours, so depriving your child of her favorite doll or your doing backbreaking house work is totally unnecessary. Not only is it unnecessary, it is counter-productive, as it distracts your attention away from the infested head where it should be focused. We at LiceDoctors have been out in the field and have treated over 250,000 cases of lice and we know from first-hand experience what works and what does not work to get rid of lice. Frankly, it makes our skin crawl to read the false information and just plain bad advice that is on the Internet about head lice. Thousands of people a day are wasting time, energy, and money and may be inadvertently harming their families following advice that they get online. For more information, feel free to call LiceDoctors in the Dayton area day or night at (937) 356-3578.