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Lice – The Nonpartisan Bug!

Lice – The Nonpartisan Bug!
Updated on 
October 28, 2019

If lice were a politician, it would have no party, align itself with no group.  It would court all voters in a nondiscriminatory fashion.  Because lice see all heads as being equal!


Lice are essentially harmless and nonselective creatures.  So, while annoying, itchy, and an overall pain in the noggin, the truth is that head lice should not be considered a major health hazard or stigma. And, as STIGMA in the medical world is defined as “a visible sign or characteristic of a disease” -- and because head lice are not known to spread any disease, that term proves exceptionally inappropriate (although declining in stigma, we know, sadly, it still exists).  Lice pose no risk. And they do not discriminate. No spread of illness. Period.


Head lice are global creatures – and are found worldwide -- Head lice infestations occur all over the planet and not limited to the US.

two hands spread painted with image of world map showing Americas and Europe and Africa.

While more common in developing countries, they are also endemic in American as well as Europe.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, it is thought than between six to twelve million infestations occur each year in kids between the ages of 3 -11.   Lice infection is almost as ever present as the common cold!  And you can catch that in any given country at any given time!


Lice don’t care if you’re clean or dirty (or if your house is clean or dirty) …. because they are attracted to human blood, not an immaculate abode or messy homestead.  Also, in terms of human squeaky cleanness – they actually prefer a freshly shampooed and shiny head of hair to an unwashed one because oily hair means that it is more difficult for a louse to grab onto the hair.  Lice can affect anyone, anyplace, and it has nothing to do with how well scrubbed either you or your house is!  


Contracting head lice has nothing to do with economics. Nothing to do with your bank account. Lice are transmitted from head to head, not pocketbook to pocketbook.  They are most common in young children who play together in groups as they are contracted from contact with a person who already has lice. Any child who plays with other kids is at risk!  Adults too. Money is no object!


Celebrities are people too!  And they are just as prone to a visit from our buggy friends.  Lice is simply a part of everyday life -- especially for people with younger children (although adults can catch lice too!).  Here are some of our most famous friends whose kids (and who themselves) are veterans of the head lice world.  You are in glamorous company!

  • Heidi Klum 
Glamorous Supermodel Heidi Klum in red gown with diamonds and ruby jewelry
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Shakira
  • Madonna
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Kelly Ripa
  • Brittany Spears
  • Lena Headey

So, lest you think lice is a discerning little critter, think again.  Because this bug is not a picky parasite, and anyone, anywhere is fair game!  

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