Lice Chemicals are Ineffective and Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients

apothecary bottle of purple liquid labelled poison with skull and crossbones image

Lice pesticides have two strikes against them: they often fail to get rid of the head lice and nits and they contain chemicals that may be toxic. Why would you want to put them in your child’s head?

Straight from the National Pediculosis Association:

Alert! Discontinue chemical treatment at the earliest sign of failure!

The NPA advises parents to discontinue the use of any treatment at the earliest sign of failure and to avoid using other chemicals. Manual removal is the best option whenever possible, especially when treatment products have failed. Source:

The National Pediculosis Association is a watch dog non-profit organization based in Massachusetts. They’ve been advocating for healthy head lice treatment for 20 years.

In May 2108; the organization submitted this request to the FDA:

The NPA Urges the US Food and Drug Administration to Recognize Safer Head Lice Treatment Choices 

"The National Pediculosis Association® (NPA) has submitted a petition to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that it update its website and other educational materials so that combing with well-designed nit-removal combs like the LiceMeister® is presented as a safe and effective option for the treatment of children with head lice. Doing so would give more parents access to the critical information and guidance necessary to make informed decisions. There are many children for whom a non-chemical treatment for lice is required." 

-- Source: National Pediculosis Association.

Firsthand from LiceDoctors

We have treated hundreds of thousands of clients and we can tell you that many of them have used chemical treatments that failed to work. In frustration, these clients call us. We go to their home and find live bugs crawling in the hair. The reason for that is that the bugs have mutated and are resistant to these products.Clients complain to us that they have wasted a lot of time, energy, and money on chemical products that were ineffective. In addition, they are concerned about potential toxicity of these products on their children.  All of these concerns are reasonable. The best advice we can give to you is do not engage with these products. The shortest and safest path to lice elimination is to call LiceDoctors. We will dispatch an experienced lice professional to your home and she will eliminate your lice using an-all natural approach. That’s a guarantee! Give us a call today at 443-873-2187.