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Lewisville and Flower mound School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Lewisville Public Schools

Lewisville public schools, which include students from Flower Mound, allow students to return to school as soon as they have been treated once for head lice. Children will not be prohibited from entering after treatment if there are only nits left in the hair.

“Head lice is a HUGE nuisance but is not life threatening. It can affect all sorts of people and is time consuming to treat completely. LISD does have a protocol for lice. The good news is students only have to stay at home until after the initial treatment (which is a quick as a shampoo!) They are allowed to return even if they have nits because removal of all those can take quite a while. If you get a call from me to pick up your student you will get your own personal crash course all about lice. If you find lice on your student I would appreciate a phone call because I do check when they get back to school and a week later. I do keep it all in confidence because I get that it can be embarrassing.” 
Source: Lewisville Independent School District

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