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Las Vegas School Lice Policy

Updated on February 15, 2020

Clark County School District

Las Vegas School Lice Policy

Schools in the Clark County area have a policy that allows children with nits to attend school, but forbids them after a second lice diagnosis. In a year when schools are debating the issue of whether “no nit” policies are justified, schools in Clark County have managed to write a policy, that generally allows children with nits to attend school, but forbids them to attend after a second diagnosis of head lice. The policy is stated as follows: “If there is a question or evidence of head lice, school personnel are to contact the school nurse and/or FASA. Under the direction of the school nurse, the FASA and/or office personnel are to:

  • Complete a parasitic exam and document in Healthmaster
  • Notify parent/guardian
  • Send Head Lice Treatment/Suspension Notice, CCF-647 home with the infested student.  Note: suspended students may be allowed to ride the bus home when alternative methods of transportation (e.g., parent, attendance officer), have been exhausted
  • Send home Checklist for Getting Rid of Head Lice (HS) (English/Spanish), with the infested student(s). Optional: send home Head Lice-The Facts (HS), as well
  • Notify school nurse of infested student(s)
  • Send Head Lice Notice to Parents/Guardians, CCF-646, to parents/guardians of each classmate in the affected classroom (elementary level only). Notification at the middle school and high school level may vary depending upon circumstances

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The student does not have to be “nit free” to return to school initially; however, repeated infestation must be brought to the attention of the school nurse. A “no nit” policy may be implemented by the school nurse after the second infestation within the school year. The Checklist for Students Experiencing Second Head Lice Infestation (HS) is required to be completed by the school nurse and FASA for the second or subsequent lice infestation in the school year. This checklist is to be maintained in the FASA Notebook in the Communicable Disease section. Recurring, problematic cases should be discussed with Area Nurse Coordinator.


Students can return immediately after head lice treatment is completed. Information regarding treatment must be provided by the parent/guardian at the time of return. Notification of required second treatments should be confirmed by a telephone call to the FASA or school nurse after completion. The school nurse or FASA is to recheck the infested student upon return and one (1) week later for new nits/live lice. Note: Students with problematic cases may need to be checked daily to ensure eradication. Instruct the parent/guardian to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for treatment and follow-up treatment if required.” This policy takes its cue from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses, both of whom discourage “No Nit policies” because they state that no child should miss unnecessary school time due to head lice or nits. If you find that your child has head lice, LiceDoctors advises you to check with your school nurse to be sure that your school is following the aforementioned lice policy. It is important to bring in a professional to check and treat your child for head lice. LiceDoctors offers same day, in-home lice treatment care. Learn more at