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Johns Creek and Lawrenceville School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Most schools in the Johns Creek and Lawrenceville areas continue to adhere to a strict “no nit” policy, but always check with your child’s school for its specific policy.


If live lice or nits are observed, the school nurse will call the parent.  The parent may pick up their child immediately from school or the parent may choose for the child to be sent home their usual way at the end of the school day (including riding the bus, single seat preferred.)  If the child remains in school, the nurse will ask the parent if long hair can be put up in a ponytail.  The child will be given a lice treatment guideline packet. Siblings of infested child will also be checked.  If siblings attend another school, that school nurse will be notified to check the siblings.

Students are excused the 2 days of absence to treat the head lice. If students are picked up by parent during the school day, this will be an excused absence.  

In order for the child to return to school, the parent will need to provide proof of treatment; a store receipt for lice treatment or box top or in the case of homeopathic treatment, a short video or picture showing the treatment. The nurse will examine the child for live lice and/ or nits. If no live lice are seen and the number of nits are diminished from the initial check, students may go to class.

Source Chattahoochee Elementary school's


If a child is sick, he/she should be kept at home. This helps stop infection of other children and your child will be much happier and more comfortable in your care. Children may not attend school when:

  • temperature is 100 or above
  • they have had diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • they have vomited within the last 24 hours
  • they have a rash with fever
  • they have pink eye (red or pink eyes with white or yellow discharge), they may not return until 24 hours after treatment has begun
  • they have tuberculosis, they are not allowed to return until a physician states the child is not infectious
  • they have impetigo, until 24 hours after treatment has begun
  • they have Strep throat – they may not return until after 24 hours of treatment and withoutfever
  • they have head lice they must be treated with a lice shampoo, and all nits removed from hair. The school nurse must be notified and they may not ride the bus until cleared by our nurse. All students must check in with the nurse upon arrival for re-check prior to being allowed to the classroom.
  • they have ringworm, they may return after 24 hours of treatment
  • they have chickenpox, they must stay out of school 6 days after the onset and until all lesions have crusted over.

Source: Johns Creek Elementary School’s

It can be incredibly frustrating to try to handle head lice on your own, but help is available. LiceDoctors will remove the lice and nits from your child’s hair and get him or her re-admitted to the classroom fast. Call 404-618-0472 today for same day treatment and peace of mind.